I will say there is very little knitting content following…and lots of pictures!

So best birthday ever. Got up to a wonderful gift from CoffeeBoy – a digital camera! Yes, no longer will you all have to suffer with pictures off of my phone! (cheers, applause). It’s a Cannon Powershot & I love it to bits. Although, I’m still figuring it out, but wow – is it ever amazing! I get the feeling I’ll be taking lots of pictures…I even upgraded to a Flickr Pro account!

Anyway, we had sort of planned to see a movie…but I didn’t want to be indoors, especially with my new camera! So I mentioned Washington Park and that turned into going to the zoo, a place I hadn’t been in years & CB had never gone to. I’m not a huge fan of zoos, to be honest – I love the animals, but they make me sad. But I will say the Oregon zoo is one of the best ones around – a friend works there & they take such great care of the animals & give them lots of room (compared to other zoos) to run around.

In any case, we had a great time.

Iorek Byrnison!

Such a little cutite!

I still love bats

You can view the entire set here – it was a lovely day.

So after I had to go home to take a little rest (going to the zoo while I’m having some bad allergies was not the brightest idea), we went to dinner & went to the Alabi with a bunch of my work buddies & our friends – so much fun! Although it is a karoke bar, I did not sing (however, CB got the entire bar to sing happy birthday to me while waiting for his song to come on) so I got to enjoy my friends murder “Coward of the County”, (CB’s song), “Roadhouse Blues”, “One Way Or Another”, and “Baby Got Back” – the last of which I was a backup dancer for (hee). I have lots of pictures, but they are probably not interesting to anyone other than the people in them, although you can check them out here.

Although I was pretty well sloshed by the end (my drink – Vanilla Stoli with splash of cran – and I drank many.) I managed to drag myself out of bed the next day and drive an hour out of town to meet my mom and my sister & the kids. We did a little shopping at the outlet mall (my purchases – some capris from the Gap, and several cami tank tops from Eddie Bauer, total cost $35). Lovely afternoon with my family & my adorable nieces & nephews.


Niece K peaking over the playground.

I was so exhausted by the end, I could barely drive home…and I didn’t make it to Twisted. But, as it turned out, they ended up not opening anyway. Ah well, soon!
Oh my did I get some lovey prezzies!

From mom – Good Night & Good Luck on DVD a fun card, from CB’s mom – a gorgeous blank book & a garden angel (which I think has helped my little herb garden!), from sister that very nice grill (something CB & I have been talking about getting for months now), from various drunk friends the leis from the bar (hee), and from a lovely friend – the Yarn Girl’s Knitting Journal (which I didn’t actually know about) and a rad card.

And hidden, a cute clay kitty to match Mina from Niece K:

By the time I got home, I was pooped. But it was a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, my dear CoffeeBoy.