Tomato, that is.

 Yeah, can you tell I’m the only one home?


Started: May 1st

Completed: May 19

Pattern: Tomato from No Sheep For You

Yarn: (MC) Cascade Luna Color 720 – about 9 skeins. (CC) Manos del Uruguay Peruvian Cotton Stria color 220 – way less than 1/4 skein.

Needles: Size 6US circs for body, Size 5US circs for neckline.

Size:  Somewhere between the 2nd & 3rd sizes (my gauge was different) – it’s about 38 inches around

Notes:  I LOVE this sweater.  Seriously, probably one of the few sweaters I’ve made that fits perfect & I will wear all the time.  Where to begin?  The yarn?  Love it.  Soft & comfy, not too warm, perfect for spring.  I want to make all sorts of things with this.  It was a joy to knit with, didn’t bother my hands and just looks so purty.  Unfortunately, the Manos cotton is just a bit thinner – so it’s a bit snug around the ladies but it’s not that bad, really.  The pattern?  Love it.  I get sick of knitting so many stitches round & round after awhile but it so worth it when I’m done.  I want to live in this sweater.

 The only issue so far with this sweater (other than the two yarns being slightly off) is my fault completely.  I picked up too few stitches on the sides of the neck, so it puckers a bit – you can see it in this picture.  It annoys me, but I don’t think it is that noticeable when it’s on.   Otherwise, everything is wonderful.

I did a couple of modifications – I went down a size in needles because I liked the way it knitted up better.  That meant my gauge was slightly off but since I was doing this in the round, it was easy to figure out how many rounds to knit.   On the sleeves, I knitted 2.5 inches before the ribbing to lengthen them (as well as threw in another decrease round)  Also, because of my long torso, I went 15 inches from the armhole before the end ribbing.

This will probably be the last big project I’ll complete for awhile – I have lots of small things I want to get done (socks!), but I do not plan on forgetting Cables & Os.  Seriously, if you haven’t picked up No Sheep For You, I highly recommend it – not only is there fantastic patterns, but I found the information on non wooly fibers fascinating.

I also started an Evolving Punk, (isn’t he cute?).  Well, actually he’s done, I just need to stuff him & sew him up.  Again with the toys!

And just in time for my birthday weekend, Twisted is opening!  I plan on spending the day after my bday there, provided of course I don’t embarrass myself too much at the karaoke bar we seem to be going to celebrate.  I may just stay in bed under the covers.  Heh.