Much to the disappointment of my family (I have not stopped getting a guilt trip from my sister – my mom isn’t happy, but at least she knows it’s something we want to do), we really are moving. I picked up this book yesterday at work but I’m going to return it – it was last printed in 2002, so not too much help in that respect. We are planning on a move in Sept-Oct, CoffeeBoy will probably go out early & start work and find a place to live before then. I’m excited, but there’s so much I need to do – like get a passport! CB’s job sends him overseas sometimes & I can join him when he’s done. Yah! I know it will take a lot to get used to living on the East Coast, but still…woo-hoo

In other news, I done as much on Tomato as I can at this point – my mom is sending me the other 2 skeins of Luna, hopefully to arrive tomorrow.

I bound off the bottom & tried it on – I LOVE it, it is definitely the best sweater I’ve made so far in terms of fit. The colour work part is a little snug – either from the Manos Cotton being slightly thinner or because this was the first time I’ve done colourwork in the round. Still, it’s doesn’t affect it that much. I just can’t wait to finish it – I’m hoping I can wear it to work on Sunday & then on my birthday next Friday.

And I have to say something embarrasssing. I’ve been knitting for 5 & 1/2 years. And I’ve been purling wrong all that time. Well, I knew I was twisting my stitches way back when I tired to make a Soleil – going from knitted flat to knitted in the round. But I just decided I wouldn’t make things like that anymore because I didn’t understand how I was twisting my stitches & too lazy to figure it out – I mean my knitted items still looked good! But then I realized that Tomato was constructed the same way & I wanted it to work! So I looked at how to purl & lo & behold – I purl correctly now! I still slip into twisted purl stitches if I’m not thinking about it – I mean, this is how I was taught to purl & how I’ve been doing it for so long – but yeah, the purl stitches look much nicer now. Sigh. I feel so dumb. It does feel good to get that off my chest though.

Next up – Socks! I have so much lovely sock yarn but I have not finished a pair in so long. I also started a DreamSwatch
(that’s the pdf) with my Boltneck yarn from Dyeabolical but I’m only working on it once in awhile – it is an interesting pattern.

Oh and Cable & Os. I may take a break from big projects though – I know that is going to take me a very long time to make.