Well, Saturday anyway.


Started: May 5th

Completed: May 5

Pattern: Grass from Mochimochi

Yarn: Cascade 220, grass green color (lost the ball band), maybe a 1/3 of the hank. Small amount of random black yarn for the eyes

Needles Size 8US

Notes: I sat on my bum on my porch on Saturday afternoon and knitted this little guy up while listening to a Harry Potter audio book (Order of the Phoenix I believe – I’ve been listening to all of them of late). Very quick & easy and a lot of fun. I went up a couple of needles sizes because I thought 6s would make the fabric too tight since it’s lightly felted. I also stuffed a little lavender in him so he’ll smell nice (I think this will be a gift) and I think when I make another (oh yes, I’ll make more), I might put dried beans or rice in it to make him sit up more. I think I’m going to make Hrumph next – all the patterns are so cute! Not sure why I’m making toys, but it is fun.

Today was one of the first totally gorgeous days in Portland this year – unfortunatly I had to work until 5 so I missed a great deal of it. But when I got home I popped myself on the porch with a beer & knitted on Tomato. With only the brief stop for GrassGuy, I have been working on Tomato nonstop. I really would love to finish it by Friday since I’m going to see BRMC that night (the new album is great!) but I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn since my mom has my other two skeins of Luna 2 hours south of here. But I do love working on this sweater, I tried to take an in progress picture, but they all looked really uninteresting – so I’ll try to take one after I finish up the with the color chart. I love working with this yarn (Cascade Luna and Manos del Uruguay Peruvian Cotton) – this is my first time working with cotton like this – not dishcloth cotton and not cotton blends – and I hope it will wear okay.

I also heard from my Sockapalooza pal…so I’m going to be starting her socks very soon – I haven’t decided what I’m going to do, and I guess I’m lucky because she doesn’t like intricate patterns because I’d probably just f them all right up.  Although I was hoping to try my hand at kniting some lacey ones…hmmm…maybe I’ll do some for myself.  As for my upstream Sockapalooza pal…are you out there somewhere?  I see that someone from SP blog checked out my blog…so if you are my pal let me know!  I feel so lonely! 🙂

Time for knitting with Harry.