Seriously. I need to stop with the yarn buying…but this was such a great deal I couldn’t help myself. I mentioned last week my slip into ebay – and I recieved my package this week

I mean all of this for $35 including shipping. What we have here is 2 skeins of Koigu (green, orange, yellow), 1 skein of Lorna’s Laces (Girly Stripe – the purple/pink one), 5 skeins of KnitPicks Merino Style (Fog), KnitPicks Memories (Yukon – the blue varigated), KnitPicks Simple Stripes (Orange, pink blue), 2 skeins of Cascade 220 (one of red, one of black, on top) 6 balls of Cotton Patine (blue/grey), 1 ball of KnitPicks Essential (black), and one ball of Mission Falls 1824 Wool (purpley). The only thing I didn’t photograph was the 2 huge balls of Lions Super Bulky Wool Ease in Navy – that went into the box of stuff I don’t really like & will probably give away. Some of the yarn is not enough to make full projects (such as a lot of the sock yarn) but since I have so much other stuff, I can mix it in. I know I’m going to probably do something like a picovoli with the Patine, and maybe socks for my Sockapalooza pal with the Koigu, but the rest I’m not sure.

So since my Flash Your Stash, I think I actually doubled my stash. Ah well, I hide it pretty well here & CoffeeBoy can’t complain anyways since I put up with all of his not quite finished projects all over the house – the espresso machine he is convinced he can get working, the motorcycle he can’t seem to get running, and a bunch of other things. At least mine is hidden under coffeetables. Heh.

Now I just need time to knit – I haven’t had a lot of time or energy this week. I’ve been very moody, I’m not sure why. But I do have a FO of sorts. I actually did it to swatch for Tomato.


Herringbone Headband

Started: April 30, about 7pm

Finished: April 30, about 11:30pm

Pattern: my own, using the herringbone stitch for Tomato in No Sheep For You

Yarn: Cascade Luna (light blue), Manos del Uruguay Peruvian Cotton (brown), way less than a hank of each.

Needles: Size 6US 16 inch circular

Notes: Well, since I found an odd dyelot in my stash of Cascade Luna and I wanted to swatch the stitch pattern for Tomato, I decided to just cast on a lot extra & make a headband in the round (cast on 90 st, knit 1×1 rib for two rounds, only knit 1 repeat of the stitch pattern, finished with 1×1 rib). The headband is a little floppy but thas more my skill than the yarn – but I did get my gauge for the yarn & I like how it looks. I wore it yesterday to work, then took my guage measurements – so now I have some idea how a sweater would wear. It’s my first time using either of these yarns & I really enjoy them – I actually wanted to use Mission Falls 1824 for the brown, but the shop I stopped at after work on Monday (Knit-Purl, not a favourite but it’s close to work & open on Mondays) didn’t have it & I liked the look of the Manos Cotton. It’s a bit thinner than the Luna or the 1824 cotton, but seem to work out okay.


So of course I cast on for Tomato last night. Because I need another project to not complete. But it’s going to be icky this week (sad) so I won’t be working in the yard as much which means more knitting time!