I need to stop visiting my mom. Because everytime I visit her, I end up at Ben Franklins which has incredible deals.


That is eight hanks of Cascade Luna, gorgeous cotton yarn, all in one dye lot. And the price? $3 each. I’m thinking it’s going to be Tomato from No Sheep For You – it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately after seeing some pictures on other blogs I read – I though about Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for it…which brings me to my next little purchase.

I realized, on Friday night at about 5:45 that I didn’t have a size 2 circular and I really wanted to start Cables & Os. So I raced down to CloseKnit (which closes at 6pm), thanking my lucky stars I have a LYS 5 minutes away. Of course I had to check out the new stuff they had recently put out – lots & lots of cottons! I picked up the Mission Falls to play with (it will probably end up a (summer) Panta) and some more Fixation to make more footies Is that colour great? These will be for me. 🙂 But who knows when I’ll get to them. I also bought some secret goodies for my Spring Fling Pal.

I swatched for the Cables & Os Cardigan & I got perfect gauge with Cotlin – I couldn’t believe, I NEVER get perfect gauge the first try (which explains my mad rush to start it). Unfortuntatly 288 stitches + twisted rib = very slow knitting. Seriously, it takes me 25 minutes to do each RS row & about 40 minutes to do a WS (those damn purls through the back loop). So this is as much as I’ve done since Friday evening – granted, I didn’t knit too much durring the day.

Just finished with the ribbing…yes that is only an inch & quarter. I think this is going to take awhile. Sigh. But I do love this yarn & I like how it looks on the smaller needles.

I also got some Cascade 220 for some knitted grass. Go click on it…isn’t it the most adorable thing ever?

Hopefully I can keep it healthier than my yard. Ugh.

I did try to my hand at some plants. I have been death on plants in the past but I always have hope.

Hot Peppers for CoffeeBoy

Bell Peppers for me

And some Rosemary…and a brief shot of my weedy backyard.


I hope everyone had as gorgeous of a weekend as we had here!