Ebay is a very dangerous place. Granted, a lot of stuff is overpriced and don’t get me started on the bidding wars (“How dare this person outbid me! I must rebid”) where you spend way more than you wanted or needed to. I don’t look at ebay very often but I needed new jeans & the only jeans that I’ve found that fit me perfectly is Gap Long & Lean – and it’s way too expensive to buy in the store…if they even sell it in the store? I detest clothes shopping so I don’t think I’ve gone to the Gap for awhile.

So I found a pair for a good price ($16, including shipping) then started looking at yarn lots. Big. Mistake.

Got this in the mail yesterday:


Cascade 128 (Green), Patons Voodoo (black), Plymouth Yarn Bably Alpaca Grande (light blue), Gedifra Micro Chic (silver) Patons Pooch (light blue, pink)

All cost about $17. I have no use for the Voodoo or the Pooch – Pooch might be a scarf for my niece but I really don’t like knititng with that kind of novelty yarn – but I love the Cascade and I really love the Plymouth – I understand now why knitters keep certain yarns in the their stash – I love petting it. 🙂 It will probably be a hat or another Panta for myself.

This was kind of yarn blindness on my part – Bulky yarns? Novelty yarns? What? – but I’m pleased with what I got. That’s nothing compared to the auction I won yesterday…I won’t get it for awhile (even though shipping was $15, it’ll still take 7-10 days? What?) but I feel almost guilty for the deal I got. The $35 (including the shipping) would really only cover the two skeins of Koigu and the Lorna Laces Shepard Sock – but I also will be getting 5 balls of KnitPicks Merino Style, 1 hank of Memories, 1 ball of Simple Stripes, 1 ball of Essential as well as 6 balls of Elsbeth Lavold Cotton Patine and 2 hanks of Cascade 220. Oh and some random Lion Wool-Ease (ick). Seriously, I feel guilty. But perhaps I should save feeling guilty until I actually get it – the picture on the auction is purty though.

One last bit of damange…I went to a super JoAnns sale – I had a 50% off coupon but when I went in, everything was on sale it seemed like. I picked up some notions & some items for my spring fling pal. I also got some cotton for the nephew’s Spidey backpack and used my coupon on this:


It’s a handy little guide that I’ve always thought I should get so when I have a problem or question I don’t have to rely on the internet. And only $7.

As for actual knitting content, I’ve picked up the Dollar & Half Cardigan again and thisclose to finishing the sleeves. Next the back & then the 2 fronts. I’ve seen some lovely FOs on the KAL so I’m anxious to finish. But I swear, I’m knitting slower than ever.

Maybe it’s because of the beautiful weather yesterday…I spent most of the day in the yard and fixing my bike. CB was off as well so it was a lovely day together. But back to work today…and my last day as a supervisor as well as my last Saturday there – huzzah!