Remember those hats I made durring the snow storm? No? Well, I made my adorable nephews some hats because I was going stir crazy, I was indoors for like 3 days.



Well my sister sent a picture of them wearing them.

I love those kids.

I’m actually going to make Nephew C a Spiderman backpack to go with his hat, using the Punk Rock Backpack from Stitch n’ Bitch. I made Neice K one (the one with the monkey on it) a very long long time ago – one of first things I ever knit. I’m sure it’s obvious too – I used a bulky yarn, didn’t know how to sew, was not very good at color work. But apparently she drags it around everywhere now. I want to make her a new one…maybe I’ll see how Nephew C’s turns out – I’m going to try it with cotton instead of the wool.

Did a fair bit of shopping (eek) but I’ll take pictures if it ever stops raining.

It’s been a tough week for a lot of people, VT, Iraq, etc.  I try to keep politics off of here now, but seriously, it’s heartbreaking.   Here’s something that ericab317 from the knitty coffeeshop made.  It made me smile.


 Go get one yourself & hug someone you love.