…always annoy me because I work all day long & miss out. My schedule will be changing at the main job (I’ll actually have a weekend day off from there!) but Sundays will still be work day for me. More irritating, it was rainy & cold on my days off this week so I couldn’t work in the yard – which is becoming an obsession – and now the yard is full of weeds again. Maybe this week will be better.

Anyway, I finished the Cascade Fixation socks for my friend


Sigh…the colour washed out of the picture – they are bright pink & lime green. This picture is a little better.

Cascade Sockies

Started: March 28th

Completed February 15th

Pattern: Turtlegirl’s Cascade Fixation Ankle Socks

Yarn: Cascade Fixation Margarita, nearly 1 ball (I actually didn’t think I would make it…but I should always trust Turtlegirl 🙂 )

Needles: 2.5US dpts – I didn’t have any 3US’s. Plus these particular needles are my favourites – little 5 inchers.

Notes: I would have finished these a lot quicker but decided to make the Lil’ Red Purse in between. I’m still giving them to my friend – I really hope she likes them, I’m always nervous giving people gifts, especially knitted ones because I want them to love them & it crushes me when they don’t. I’m also worried they won’t fit – asking someone what size their feet are doesn’t really come up in conversation. Anyway, I still have another ball of the Fixation & will be making my moms very soon. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern. Why should I? 🙂

This week also brought another lovely package from my L&V SP – the blogless Scrappin’Duck! Yah! Thank you, Diane!


So we have a lovely bookmark to go with my blank book with a quote from Einstein (I swear, this girl reads minds, I have been talking about reading the new Einstein biography – I read the Ben Franklin one by the same author & I enjoyed it.), a lovely handmade card, a little packet of Soak which I’ve wanted to try, a magnet with coffee cups on it that I love, and 3 more bars of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate. I am well aware there are only 2 in the picture, one was immediatly broken into by both me & CoffeeBoy. I love everything – thanks again!

I just realize I need to let my downstream pal know who I am…Hi ‘Manda! It’s funny because I’ve been listening to her podcast for awhile now & even won a contest on her blog so I sorta knew her already. But I hope you enjoyed everything, Manda!

Now I’m trying to decide what to knit on next…the Dollar & Half Cardigan, obviously, and I’m thinking about making some yoga socks (no heel or toes) – I just picked up More Sensational Knitted Socks (yah!) so maybe I’ll play with a new pattern & use my Boltneck yarn for some.

Have a good week!