So after several weeks without an FO, I’ve got one.

Lil’ Red Purse


Started: March 3

Finished: March 11

Pattern: Textured-Squares Bag from Knit It! spring/summer 2007

Yarn: Lion Cotton color Poppy Red, nearly one ball

Needles: Size 7US

Notes: This was a fun knit, I really like the way it came out. I’m actually not a big purse or bag kind of girl – I almost always just use my big black Kate Spade purse everywhere, but this will be nice when I don’t want to haul around everything. Yet another good reason for FYS 07, I forgot I had this yarn and had planned on buying more when I saw this pattern when visiting mom. Yah for FYS 07! Anyway, I do wish it was a little bit bigger, I’m afraid things will fall out. I also have yet to put a button on it, like in the pattern because I don’t have a button in my stash that will work. I do love the textured squares:


They were pretty simple but interesting enough to keep me invested. I do worry that the yarn will stretch too much if I put my usual junk in the bag – wallet, phone, knitting, keys, ipod – but I hope it will hold, I think I did pretty well with the sewing up, something I detest. I detest it so much that the only modification I did was on the straps – you are supose to fold them in half & sew the long edges together – I simply picked up the 2 edges & knit them together & then bound off. I think it will make a stronger strap anyway and does look really nice. As for the yarn, yeah it’s pure cotton (so it did hurt my hands if I knit on it too long in one sitting) and Lion’s Brand (not a usually a favourite) but it came together pretty well. So all & all I’m pleased with my bag and would do this bag again. Of course in a week, I’ll probably come back & tell you that it all fell apart & I hate it. Heh.

It’s been a busy week in the little green household, but I can’t think of what I’ve done – I think it’s been more of working outside the house. Last week was so beautiful on my weekend, I got lots of yard work done – planted some roses, dug up some overgrown areas, I even planted a raspberry “bush” (it’s really just a stick in the ground at the moment). It was so nice do stuff in the yard & enjoy the springtime weather. But sadly, it all went down hill this week – rainy cold weather which really depressed me. I hope my new plants will be okay – I usually kill any indoor plants I’ve tried to grow – actually I should say Mina kills them – but I really want my outdoor plants to live. Please let them live!

To bring this back to knitting , when I went out shopping for some yard stuff (I bought a ho(e)! It ‘s funny what you don’t realize you need when you go from 15 years of apartment living to living in a house with a yard) I made a quck stop at Michaels because they seem to be the only place that has been stocking Cotton-Ease, something I’ve been anxious to check out. Didn’t disapoint either – but I was very good & didn’t pick up any (thoughts of my beloved Dollar & Half Cardigan loomed in front of my eyes – I still love it but haven’t worked on it recently, sigh) but I think I might get some in Charcoal and make myself a Sitcom Chic. After I finish my other WIPs of course – currently I’m working on the second sock for my friend – she’s back so I really want to get it done this week.

To finish up, we don’t really celebrate Easter in this household (since we both had to work anyway – yes, our shops were two of like 3 that were open in downtown on Easter – which was not fun for me) but I did go pick some of the flowers that were in the back yard and put them in a vase to look festive. Aren’t they pretty?


I can take no credit for them, they were planted by the previous owners.

And seeing that picture makes me sad, beacuse it was so beautiful that morning and really crappy out today. Sigh.