Wow, I’m so excited that there were so many hits on my lil’ ol blog for FYS – I hope some people stuck around to read my rambling.  Today is mostly pictures though, I’ve been doing a lot of yard work in between work so I haven’t been knitting as much so not much to update.

I listen to too much Lime & Violet – last week they talked about Dyeabolical Yarns and I fell in love.


This is her colorway Boltneck – actually one of the ones that Miss V mentioned on the podcast.  It’s DK weight, superwash merino 280 yards.  Lovely.  Because I need more sock yarn.  Sigh.  It’s my favourite colours though, I had to have it.

I mentioned last week that I was making some Fixation socks for my mom for Mothers Day (or Easter I guess, but that’s not going to happen)…well right after I posted about it, a dear friend of mine lost someone very close to her – and it was right after I was freaked out about my grandmother.  She is a knitter (though not an obsessed knitter like me) and allergic to wool…so I decided I’m making them for her instead.  I’ll have enough for some for my mom too, but these need to come first.

Finished one.


I’m using Turtlegirl’s pattern & it’s working well – I’m just worried that I’ll run out of yarn.  But look!  I CO for the second sock already.  I’m getting better…and totally ignoring the 4? 5? unfinished socks nearby.

And I have CO-itis.  But the photo didn’t turn out at all…I’m not sure why.  But I’m making the Textured-Square Bag from the latest Knit It with my Lion’s Cotton.  I want a new bag. And red!

Finally, my fabulous Mellow secret pal stickyfingers sent my last little gift.  She made me a cute little bookmark that immediatly went into my current read.


How cute is that?  Thanks sticky!

That’s the Michael Chabon book I mentioned last week by the way.  It’s good, taking a little bit to get into, but that’s what usually happens with his books.