So I’m doing the flash your stash thing for this year…I had so little last year (at least that I wanted to photograph – it’s only been the last year or so that I’ve been a fiber nut) I didn’t take part, but now I think I have enough. There are notes, mostly for myself following it so I can refer to it when I think you myself “What did I buy this for? What do I do with it?” Plus the names of the yarn, as much as I can remember.

If you prefer not to read my babble about them, go to my Flickr set.

It’s not very creative, but I divided it into catagories so I can reorganize…

First up, the socks. This has grown a lot since I only made my first pair like a year ago. My how things change. Of course these all might not be socks…but they probably will.



That’s my sock bag on the chair behind the table…it’s getting rather full!

(L-R, top to bottom)Koigu color #P315 from mom,

KnitPicks Simple Stripes color, won from Manda,

Libero color #501 from Knit Shop (for CoffeeBoy Socks)

Online Slice of Watermelon at the Beach from LittleKnits

(top)Brown Sheep Wildfoote color Gunsmoke

Fleece Artist color unknown from stickyfingers (Mellow SP)

Lion Brand Magic Stripes color Denim Stripes from mom

(top)Tess Designer Yarns Super Socks & Baby color Lime Splash from Lost Jenelen (L&V swap)

(underneath) KnitPicks Superwash Merino color Bare

Opal Rainforest color Parrot from KnitShop

Knit Picks Dancing color Jig

(top)Brown Sheep Wildfoote color Desert from swap

Magic Stripes color Purple Blues from mom

KnitPicks SuperWash Merino, Kool aid dyed

Lisa Souza Sock! color Lime & Violet

KniPicks Simple Stripes color Forest

(not shown, because, um, I just found it) Lana Grossa Cotton Multiriungel color unknown (blues) from Lint.


These make sense to me, but sorry if they don’t to anyone else.

The wools will be a bit more difficult, a lot are packed away, and I forgot to write down colors. Sigh. Lots of pictures though!

Wools (and some other random stuff)






First the closeups because they are purty.









And all together now:


(L-R top to bottom)

(edge of table) Random wool, unknow brand from mom, olive green

(top, balls of yarn) more of random wool, unknown brand from mom, wound with laceweight from an ebay auction

(hanks) Cascade 220 color 9402 from sale at Ben Franklin

Knit Picks Swish color Navy

Weird ribbon yarn, unknow brand & color from mom

Lambs Pride worsted, color Red Buttons left over from other projects

(top)Patons Classic Wool, Light Blue from JoAnns

Patons Classic Wool, Reds Mix from JoAnns

(can’t see, but it’s there) Patons Classic Wool, Black from JoAnns

Patons Classic Wool, Grey Mix from JoAnns

Mission Falls Wool 1824 color unkown (pinky purple?) from CloseKnit

Mission Falls Wool 1824 color unknown (jade?) from CloseKnit

Mission Falls Wool 1824 color unknown (black) fromCloseKnit

Mission Falls Wool 1824 color unkown (red) from CloseKnit

(I know there are labels on the Mission Falls but I don’t know if the right ones are on the right skein, I mixed them up)

(balls) SWTC Pheonix color unknown (blue) from Lint (frogged from failed Tempted II)

Lambs Pride worste, color unknown (yellow) from Lint

(top) Cotton Fleece color Limeaide from Lint

Cotton Fleece color Lapis from Lint (for Green Gable)

Patons Fresco color black from Ben Franklin (for the Shrug That Ruined My Life)

(little hidden ball) Atacama Alpaca color 500 from LittlKnits

Patons Katrina color Iris from Ben Franklins (why did I buy this?)

Malabrigo color Verde Adriana from YarnCountry

Cascade 220 color unknown (blackish) from Ben Franklins (intended for Fuzzy Feet)

Cascade 220 color unknown (purple heather) from Ben Franklin (inteded for Fuzzy Feet)

(very edge of table) Classic Elite Devon Silk & Wool color Exeter Moss from mom(?)

Cascade Pearls color Lake Blue from Knit-Purl


Whew! I think I got them all.


Now the cottons…they are so bright & cheerful!


First a random close up:


Now all together


(L-R top to bottom)

Sugar & Cream color 218 (blues, yellow, white) from mom

(top) Sugar & Cream color unknown (greens, white) from mom

Sugar & Cream color unknown (dark green, white) from mom

Peaches & Cream color Peppermint from KnottyGnome

KnitPicks Shine worsted color River (started Leaf Edge Bolero, but currently a UFO)

(top) Sugar & Cream color unknown (lime green, blue, yellow) from mom

Sugar & Cream color unknown (lime green) from mom

KnitPicks Shine Worsted color Blush

(top) Lion Brand Cotton color Poppy Red from KnottyGnome (for Textured-Squares Bag, Knit It! spring/summer 07)

KnitPicks Shine Worsted color Silver

KnitPicks Shine Worsted color Watermelon

KnitPicks Shine Worsted color Bachlor Blue

(top right) Knit Picks Shine Worsted color Crocus

KnitPicks Shine Worsted color Snapdragon


That’s all I’m going to show – I hope you enjoyed it!