I haven’t had a chance to post in awhile…mostly because I didn’t think I had much to post. Knitting-wise, my Dollar & Half Cardigan is still coming along (but still on the sleeves) and the only other thing I’ve been working on is my KIP socks (the Tofusties) and they are not much longer either. So…I didn’t post. I’ve also been working a lot of night shifts (well, I’m off by 10, but still) and when I get home, I pretty much want to veg.

But today I had a lovely day – well after a depressing doctors appointment (I’m fine, it was just an annual, it just cost more than I expected and I realized I’ve gained even more weight than I thought. Sigh.) I just got back from Abundent Yarns where I got to see the Mason-Dixon girls talk. I actually don’t own the book (although I read the blog sometimes), but I since it was on my day off & such a nice day for a drive, I decided to go. They were, of course, very fun to listen to. I think I recognized some internet people there, but I’m so damn shy, I didn’t talk to anyone. I also got overwhelmed by the crowd so I didn’t stay & knit either – it was a fair size crowd, not that big, but I felt uncomfortable anyway – again with the shyness. And the store! It was lovely – nice selection, but not sensory overload like Yarn Garden. So much Cascade too! I’m loving the Sierra Quatro (especially #96) but I restrained myself – especially after taking pictures for the Flash Your Stash 2007 that happens on Sunday – that was quite an eye opener. I also know where to go when I want some Cascade 220 – I think they had everything. I’m still partial to Close-Knit, but I enjoyed Abundent Yarns.

I did by something, of course. I decided I wanted to make my mom some socks for Mother’s Day – she always comments on my socks so I thought I’d make her some fun ones. I was going to use the yarn I won from Manda a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t call to me. Plus, I wanted something she would wear in the spring & summer – i.e. not wool. So I was looking through the sock yarns there (one vent – why do my favourite yarn shops have very little sock yarn? I’m not a fan of the ones that actually do.) and then spotted the basket of Cascade Fixation. One colourway caught my eye & when I saw the name of it, I had to get it for my mom.


Sadly, while it looked fine on my camera, it really got washed out but the label called it Margarita! (On the website it’s colour #9904). My mom loves her margaritas & this is lovely stuff – lime green, peach, pink – so I thnk she will like it. Or else I’ll keep them! This will probably be a quick knit – I’m just making shorty socks (like the one for the KAL) because that’s what my mom likes, so I might even have enough for a pair for myself, not sure. I’ve never knit with this before.

Speaking of my mom, I went to visit her last week. My grandmother was staying there too, taking care of my mom after her surgry (although earlier this week my grandmother was taken to the hospital – it was extremly scary for a couple of days, but she’s much better now). Mostly I wanted to visit with them but I also wanted to get my car registered – I haven’t really drove it in 2 years but now I’ve got it all squared away – huzzah! And since it wasn’t as expensive as I expected it to be, my mom & I went yarn shopping! Teehee. We are both really bad enablers. We went out to the Knit Shop – a place neither of us had been in a couple of years. And the sock yarn! Okay, I wish my favourite places here had their selection. I found some Opal Rainforest – my favourite pair of socks is made from the Parrot colourway – and I fell in love with the Caterpillar one so I treated myself.


Oh how I love it. Just like all my sock yarns…I need to quit collecting them & actually finish a pair!

Then we made the mistake of going into the “backroom” where there TONS – and I mean tons – of yarn on closeout prices. I was very good – though I was very tempted by some Cotton Fleece for $5 (with enough skeins to make a cardi…sigh) I just picked up some yarn to finally make CoffeeBoy some socks.


I’ve never heard of this yarn, but it’s obviously a german company – it’s a nice sportweight grey tweedy yarn that I think the boy will like. They probably won’t be made for awhile since they are all wool, but at least I have something in mind for CoffeeBoy – part of me feels guilty I’ve never made (or rather finished) anything for him. I actually don’t think he cares but I would like to make something for him.

nsfy.jpgI also checked out some books this week- No Sheep For You from Amy Singer and Interweave Knits Favorite Socks . I read NSFY – I really enjoyed it, it goes a long with my facination with unusual fibers rather than a wool allergy. I think I’ll end up buying it – I’m dying to make the Cables & Os cardi. I think that might be next project after D&H cardigan. I haven’t looked at FS all that much, just flipped through it, but I think there’s a couple of things I’m going to have to make out of that too. But what I really really want is More Sensational Knitted Socks. We are supose to get it this week at work, so hopefully when I get back to work on Friday, it’ll be there waiting for me. I’m also planning on picking up the new Yarn Harlot book as well – I get my $30 gift card on Sunday, plus I have a credit of about $15 coming on April 12th. What else would I buy but knitting books?

In other reading, I haven’t been keeping track of books I’ve read like I planned on doing this year. I’m currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club because I got a free copy of it. It’s not my usual thing, but enjoyable. But I also got an advance copy of The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon, who I love. I also have a major crush on him after meeting him when he stopped by the store to sign some books. Now I’ve met a lot of authors that way and at work, I’m not shy & can talk to anyone (I’ll have to save my Chuck Palahniuk stories for another time) but I totally turned into a stammering schoolgirl when I asked him to sign my copy of Summerland. He is so adorable & so nice. Although I will say that Jasper Fforde is still my favourite out of all the authors I’ve met – and his new book is out in July! Just like another series I’m obsessed with. I think I’ll be reading nonstop that month!

Okay, that’s a much longer post than I intended. Ah well, that’s what I get for going a week without a post.