So last night I was so cold walking home – it was about 42 degrees or something similar – but today I wake up (very late) and it is gorgeous out. I am on my guard though…yesterday there was some crazy hailstorm after a beautiful sunny morning that CoffeeBoy & I decided to celebrate by going out to breakfast at our favourite place Helsers (the potato pancakes are to die for) .

I am finally – finally – feeling better. I never want to go through what I’ve been dealing with in the past week again. Ugh. When I have no desire to knit, it’s bad.

In big news, I’m making some changes in my job situation. For nearly 6 years, I’ve been a supervisor in a big unnamed bookstore – for the past 2 I’ve been running the cafe. It’s getting to the point that I cannot deal with the supervisor part of my job – the crazy people (see entry on guy pissing on the books – that’s one of the more mild stories), the work that I’m suppose to do in addition to running a cafe, certain members of the management who make me crazy, having to pretend to care about & support idiotic decisions that are made. So I am stepping down to just a lowly old bookseller. You do not know how happy that makes me. I will miss the pay, but I’m not going down all that much, but it gives me more freedom & a hell of a lot less stress. Also, CoffeeBoy is talking about buying another coffeeshop that I will work in, which makes me very happy. I love working with coffee & running a cafe – especially when I don’t have to deal with insane corporations. We’ll see. We’re also talking about moving to Boston at the end of the year – CB might go back to his very high paying job where he would only work 40 hours a week & we can actually spend time together. Anyway, nothing’s set in stone yet, just talk at the moment.

Except for my self inflicted demotion (as one of my staff members called it). That will take place as soon as they find someone to replace me.

I have been working on the Dollar & Half Cardigan all week – I’m about 11 inches done with each sleeve. It’s going slowly because I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to work on it after work. But I have a beautiful day to work on it – I think I’m going to sit outside in the spring sunshine & catch up on my podcasts – something I have been neglecting as well.

I leave you with our front yard tree, all in bloom. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is – most of the blooming trees here in Portland are cherry (?) trees with tiny flowers (that fall off & make a mess on cars) but our tree has these big beautiful flowers on it.