That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. It’s been an awful week – I’m so glad that CoffeeBoy is in my life because I never would have gotten through it without him. I haven’t been at work since Monday – while that may sound nice, this isn’t how I wanted to spend my vacation. I actually was suppose to go back yesterday but I woke up and oops, have to go back to the clinic. They told me to take it easy and go back to bed (where I had been since Tuesday). Today I decided it was all mind over body so I got up and started to do housework (while I love the boy more than life itself, he isn’t great about doing housework) and got so tired & crampy I had to crawl back to bed. Sigh. I am going back tomorrow, I have to, I’m going completely mental being here all the time. I just might not be able to stand up all day.

But I’m okay, no lasting damage mentally or physically – well I have a black eye from when I passed out cold in the bathroom Wednesday night. Scary then, kinda funny now. I’ve only done that one other time, and the same thing happened – I come to, and my cat is standing over me, trying to figure out why I’m on the bathroom floor.

I didn’t knit or play on the internet for 2 days but Thursday I dragged my knitting bag into the bedroom and started working on the Dollar & Half Cardigan. I actually frogged what I did a week or so ago – I didn’t like what I had done so far, something wasn’t quite right. So I restarted it, this time working on both sleeves at once


Of course, it was a beautiful sunny day – until I decided to take a picture. Anyhoo, the biggest change I made was that I decided to do garter stitch on the selvedge stitches instead of stockinette – I think it looks better. I don’t like how puffy the reverse stockinette looks but I read on the KAL that it blocks out nicely. I’m also trying out only doing the increases on the rev st parts instead of every 10 rows, so far it seems to be working out so far. It also doesn’t screw up the lace pattern. Anyway, working on both sleeves at once seems to be the cure for the dreaded sleeve syndrome I suffer from and the pattern is interesting enough to keep me motivated. The Cotlin also seems to be a good sub for the hard to fine Soft Linen the pattern calls for – although it looks like Cotlin is hard to find right now as well (still isn’t on the KnitPicks website, glad I snatched it up when I did).

So, happy St Patricks Day! Lift a glass for me, I can’t drink for another week. Sigh. I just realized that today the Zepher girls are at Abundant Yarn today, I hadn’t planned on going because I usually work…and now that I’m not working, I’m too exhausted to go. Ah well, I hope some of the other PDX bloggers went! 🙂