Since I’ve recieved a couple of emails, I thought I should let people know that I will be out for a couple of days – I have to have a procedure done, I will hopefully be in & out of the clinic tomorrow but there is a chance it might be more serious and might need to something more drastic.  I am okay, but it does go back to the old posts where I’ve mentioned I’ve been feeling under the weather.

I’m very lucky that I have a wonderful suport system at home and thank you for your emails.  I don’t want to go into detais of whats wrong, but hopefully it will be all better this week.

The worst bit?  I’ve been so tired I’ve barely knitted.  I keep rereading Harry Potter – whenever I need to escape for awhile, I read or listen to them -sort of comforting in a way.  Durring my fathers last days, I listened to the Harry Potter audio books to keep me sane – almost like being a kid again & getting read a story.

I have some yummy yarn to post, including my hand dyed & some fun presents but I will have to do that later this week.  ‘Til then, I leave you with this:


 How cute is that?