1. Since I get a lot of hits from people looking for KnitPicks Cotlin, I feel duty bound to give you news on it. Yes it is (at the moment) gone from the website. Yes it is not in the spring catalog. (I wouldn’t know since I have yet to get mine.) But! A kind person at the Knitty Coffeeshop called KnitPicks up to inquire about it & they told her that it will be back at the end of March because everyone had ordered over half their stock of the yarn before it was even in the catalog. So that’s what’s up.

In other Cotlin news, I have not worked on the Dollar & Half Cardigan all week. My brain, she is dead.

2. I bought yarn yesterday. But it’s sock yarn! I’m having a bad week – I feel like I say that a lot, but I’ve been ill & stressed about it for the past couple of weeks. So when the sun came out a wee bit yesterday I went for a drive and (somehow!) I found my self at Yarn Garden. I normally do not go there – it’s out of the way and I feel overwhelmed in there – it definitely has the biggest selection of yarn out of all the stores I’ve been to.

I really wanted to check out the new SWTC yarns – especially Rock & TOFUtsies– I’ve been really into interesting fibers lately.  And Rock appeals to my old school goth days – with yarns names like Siouxie & Trent…hee.  Unfortunately all they had was Jack (White) which didn’t appeal to me at all.  They told me they would get more colours soon.  How ever, they did have several different colours of TOFUtsies and I picked up Footsteps


 A black, white, & grey mix – it seems really thin for size 2 needles though.  But I just made a gift for my secret pal on 2 circular needles and since I have two size 1s, that’s probably what I will use.

3.  I finished one of the Fleece Artist Hercules socks.  No photos yet because I want to wait until I have both done.  Looks nice – now I just have to get over SSS.

4.  My Mellow Secret Pal is revealed – well I sorta figured it out.  Thank you stickyfingers!

5.  There’s a great article in the new Knitty on dyeing so I think I’m going to play with that today – I have a ton of Kool Aid that I got last week – we’ll see how it turns out.

6.  Finally, this is way too cute to pass up.  Sheeps!


Have a good week y’all.