It’s been a long weekend (I’m sick, CoffeeBoy & I are working opposite shifts so I haven’t seen him, other stressers) but I got a lovely package in the mail from my super cool Mellow SP.


 This SP knows me well – what we have is a couple of hand knitted packages (more in a second), a fun pattern for socks bookmarks (something to do with my leftovers!), a gorgeous hank of Fleece Artists with pinks, reds, purples & browns – no name on the label, as is typical for FA, a fun pen on a lanyard (which I always need), some fun gel pens (love!), a very cute note pad for me & CB  that says “Sister Mary Morning Blend” and another beautiful card.

And those packages…mmmmmmmalibrigo!


 A gorgeous lace stole – so beautiful!  I can’t wait to show it off!  I’m in awe of my SP’s mad knitting skills!


 And a pair of Fetchings in the same colour – lovely!  She also wrote a funny story about the Malabrigo ordeal – I had wrote in my survey that I was dying to try Malabrigo so she got some…at the same time I got some through my google gift certificate!  Hee.  Sorry for all the trouble SP!  But I love these.

A blury close up of the FA


Yah!  Thank you so much SP!  I love it all!

I’m trying to get the package ready for my downstream pal but she seems to have disappeared, which kind of makes me sad.  But I’m going to mail it out this week so I hope she enjoys it!

I also got a package for my Lime & Violet Sock Pr0n pal – while I can’t show you what I got (I’ve been in contact with her recently with my “real” name so she might be by here) but the person I bought it from sent me a cute little gift for me me me!


A cute little headband kit!  I love headbands!

Anyway, since I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people searching for Cotlin & the Dollar & Half Cardigan, I should say I’m about 8 inches into the sleeve but I haven’t worked on it at all – I’ve been exhausted & drained so I haven’t been working on anything that I have to think about.  I do love the CotLin and will probably work on it on my weekend, but this week I’ve been trying to finish at least one of the FA socks I started a ways back.  Almost to the toe!

I’ve got to get ready for work, so I’ll leave for now.  Hopefully I’ll have more updates soon.