So I finally took a picture of Wicked…although I could not find a flattering one on.



Started: January 24th

Completed: February 24th

Pattern: Wicked by Zepher Girls

Yarn: Swish superwash wool by Knit Picks – 5 complete balls of Jade, 1.5 balls of Black

Needles: Size 7US 16 & 29 inch circs

Notes: Well, this is my first sweater since last summer (I think the Apple Cardi is the last one I did) and I actually finished it pretty quickly. It is a great pattern, simple enough to do, but interesting enough to hold my attention. I’m not thrilled about the finished product – I mean I love wearing (and have a couple of times), but, like I heard Swish does, it stretches out width-wise & shrinks up length-wise. The neckline stretched way out, but I kinda of liked it. But I don’t think it’s the most flattering on me. And while I love the pocket, I think I sewed the top part on funky so it’s all wonky. Ah well, I will say I do love this sweater & think I’ll get some wearings out of it before winter is over. I think next time I make this, I might use a cotton/wool blend like Lamb Pride Cotton Fleece..


But hey, I’m not through yet!


Skinny Panta

Started: February 24th

Completed: February 25th

Pattern: Panta

Yarn: Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto, dyedwith Kool Aid (blackcherry)

Needles: Size 6US

Notes: I wanted something quick since I was expecting my KnitPicks package this week. Plus I wanted to play with the yarn I dyed quite awhile back so I made another Panta – minus one repeat of the stitch pattern so it would be nice & skinny. And it is! I love the way the koolaid turned out on the yarn – it’s a wool/cotton/nylon mix that won’t absorb the dye, so it’s got a nice variegated look to it. I will be dying more (and probably making more pantas, they are such a quick knit)

So I mentioned above that I was expecting my KnitPicks order…and I got it!


Squee! New yarn always makes the day better! And I’m so pleased it came a day early so I was here to play with it – I wanted to kiss the mailman. So what I got here – 2 hanks of Bare in the superwash sock yarn & a bottle of the Jacguard acid dye in Emerald to play with more dyeing. (One hank will probably dyed with Kool Aid, the other with the acid dye) These hanks are HUGE – 462 yards! Yah for more sock yarn! 1 package of the KnitPicks circs in size 1 so I can try out socks on 2 circular needles and more than enough of the Cotlin in KeyLime to make my Dollar & Half Cardigan. There was also 2 more hanks of yarn but that is going to my Secret Pal – and oh boy, I wish I ordered some for myself because it is purty and so so soft – but I don’t want to ruin the surprise if she happens across my blog. (Since there’s only like 16 of us in the Mellow Pal swap, she probably has figured out who I am) But I hope she likes it, I’m going to send it out on Monday.

I, of course, immediatly started playing with the Cotlin because I’m so excited for the Dollar & Half Cardigan. I think I’m going to enjoy this yarn – it reminds me of Shine without the shine – the colour is very similar. I swatched the lace pattern and realized that I needed to go up a size in the needles – I was swatching at about 21stitches/3inches on size 5. The highest I wanted to go on needle size was 6 so I’m going to have to do some maths while working this pattern. I am being very smart with this pattern – sleeves are my down fall when it comes to long sleeved items. So I’m starting with the sleeves!


I’ve finished the cuff so far – it’s going very quickly. The yarn is easy to use and really just looks & feels lovely – I think I’m going to enjoy this pattern. The lace pattern is pretty simple (good thing since I haven’t done too much lace) and I like how it looks with the reverse stockinette. Wish me luck!

Still working on the Fleece Artist Spiral socks…almost done with the foot. But today is my day with CoffeeBoy – our one day off together – so I don’t know how much more knitting I’ll get done today. But that’s okay…