Even though I was on vacation, even though I have FOs, even though I was pretty much home for the past few days, I haven’t updated.  I have some things going on, maybe good, maybe bad we’ll just have to see.  Nothing is really wrong…I’m fine, CoffeeBoy is fine, my family is doing okay – I’m just trying to figure out what is going on with my life – work, health, the future.  And it’s not something I can talk about here or with anyone other than the CB.  Sorry to sound so mysterious.

Kinda of a funny/scary story from the other night.  CB & I got home on Sunday about 12:30 am – I went to an Oscar party (yah to Marty & Al!) and met CB after he got off work.  We were just sitting around watching TV when we see a couple of cops with lights & sirens go down our street (note – we live on a very quiet street, just housing.  When we lived off Burnside, we saw this stuff all the time).  “Hmm…that’s strange.” we said.  We saw a couple of the cops sitting out on the street that leads into our street & just kind of watched them.  Suddenly, several of the cops & cars stop IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE.  This was getitng a little freaky – there were two cops standing on our yard, just watching. the street.  CB & I debated (after making sure our back door was locked) what was going on – I decided it could have been a drug bust – there are a couple of houses on our block I’m suspicious of.  Finally, one of the cops saw us watching and waved us over to the door & asked us if there was anyone else in the house (no) and if our backdoor was locked (yes).  He then told us they were chasing a car thief who was jumping between yards and they think he is in our yard.  He told us to stay inside & not to go in our backyard.  Okay…so we closed the door & tried to not think about what the hell was going on.  About 15 minutes later we heard shouts and lots of scuffling (I, being a total dork, dropped to the floor) from the backyard & our front yard cops banged on the door, saying that they got the suspect who was hiding under our PORCH.


 obviously not taken that night. but you can see how the guy was hiding.

Serioulsy, there were at least 15 cops, 2 dogs, & about 7 cars all around our house all for this car thief.  As we were talking to the cops, you could tell this was the most exciting thing that had happened in quite awhile.  I will say all the cops were really nice, and we are all safe.  But it was so wierd.

FO info maybe later today – Wicked is done & currently on!