Spent 3 hours at OHSU Eye treatment with my mom yesterday…and it was all for nothing. Mom has to have surgery again. It was very upsetting for all of us.

It was a grey depressing day after a gorgeous morning too. I got to see the new tram though that runs from OHSU & downtown


It was a very difficult day – and how do I deal with stress? I took my mom to CoffeeBoy’s shop to get a coffee (they just got a write up in one of the big free local papers – they are even on the cover…well at least my crazy looking CB is.), then I made her go to CloseKnit and bought her some yummy Alpaca With A Twist Highlander yarn – we both love that stuff. (I made Panta with mine). We came back to the house, I made dinner and we watched The Devil Wears Prada (funny! I liked it more than the book actually) while we both knitted along. She said she felt a little better so I hope it helped a little. Sigh, my poor mom.

In happier knitting news…I’m thisclose to finishing Wicked. My plan is to have it completed & blocked to wear on Sunday to an Oscar party. I think I can do it. I have all day today (another grey depressing rainy day – perfect to curl up & watch movies). I have the Departed and an Inconvenient Truth to watch…finish up the Oscar movies I have here.)

While at OHSU I worked on my Fleece Artist socks that I had put down to work more on Wicked. I love it…but I think I have a small problem


Sometimes I am dumb. I thought that all this time, I was doing the Baby Cabled Rib stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks. I think that was my plan. Instead, I did Corded Rib, which would be bad…except I did SSK & YOs on every row instead of alternating it with K2tog & YOs every other row. So while I got this cool swirly look, it won’t work on the foot – it’ll swirl to the bottom of the foot. So I guess I’ll actually do the stitch pattern correctly on foot.

I just want to let you all know that I only JUST figured out what I did wrong. But I guess I’ll save the Baby Cabled Rib for my next socks.

Off to knit furiously on Wicked.