I’m so in love with this


That’s the Dollar and Half Cardigan from the new IK.

And I’m going to use this:


That’s the new KnitPicks yarn Cotlin. I’m so excited to start this, but I have to wait until KnitPicks starts mailing out packages again….so I have plenty of time to finish Wicked. I caught a bad cold/have allergies so I’ve been pretty doped up – perfect to work on Wicked, which is just knitting round & round. I’ve just finished the decreases, so not too much left.

I only have 2 more days of work before 6 days off. I hesitate to call it a vacation, as I’ll be a bit stressed (mom medical woes) but at least I’ll be away from one stresser in my life.

Edited on 3/7 – Cotlin seems to be missing from Knitpicks now…Just an FYI