Oh my, what is this?


Why it’s a present from my very awesome Secret Pal! (sorry about the glare – I tried to fix it but nothing would work from my computer)

I am completely amazed at what she sent – I knew it would be fantastic but I never dreamed it would it be this amazing.

Check out the haul (I had to take these quick in between rain showers so they are not the greatest – not that my photos are all that great with my camera phone anyway).


First of all is the huge knitting bag that I think my entire stash will fit in – er, the stash that I keep in the living room anyway – it’s a lovely handmade one from jeans & I love it – plus there are millions of pockets in it! Yah! (in fact, she hid stuff in them, I didn’t find the tape measure until after I brought it it inside.) At the top of the picture is this adorable little creature named Della who is apparently from Mercury. She is so cute! To the right is one of the many bags she made that I ‘m going to carry everywhere – the Her Royal Highness. I love the bag & the colours and it is absolutely perfect – she teased me with a photo a couple of days ago but man, I can’t believe how much I love everything about it. On top of that is another part of the Sweet Suite bags – Satellite, a perfect bag for small things. Next to it is a seriously cool pad of paper from Wellspring. She said there was a pen too, but I couldn’t find it. 😦 On the bottom is one of the many cute little notes she stuck in for me!

I took some close ups of the items on the left side of the picture – I now have a needle roll to store my needles!


Isn’t that fabric fabulous?

So, here we have some sewing needles (she must sense I lose mine all. the. time. ), some seriously cute point protectors – (I’ve never seen sweater ones before! 🙂 ) and a needle gauge & ruler (something that I needed since I bent my last one all up).

Oh and these…


Beautiful stitch markers!

Not to mention some great stitch patterns she printed out for me & lots of little messages. I hope I got everything , SP, this is the best present I could have gotten! Thank you so very much!

I had another post planned today – I made some (non-yarn) purchases, but I’ll wait. Something this great deserves it’s own post!