What a lovely week for the mail!

First of all, I took place in a swap with Soapy from the knittyboard – not only did she send me some lovely Wildfoote sock yarn she sent some lovely fabric! How did she know I’ve been wanting to sew up a knitting bag?


I get the feeling these might be for CoffeeBoy – it’s a green & tan color (Desert Grass, since the photo is kind of washed out)

Then I got my package from LittleKnits! Oh the loveliness!

First up, Some Atacama Alpaca – it was a last minute addition to my cart – to bring it up to the $25 minimun. It’s in color 500


Not quite as pretty the pictures made it out to be, it’s a bit muddy but oh so soft. It’ll probably be another Panta or hat of some sort. It was only $4, so not a bad purchase.

More sock yarn, I wanted some bright sunshine colours to cheer me up so I went with Online Summer Breeze Cool in the colour Slice of Watermelon at the Beach – how much more summery could you get?


Pretty pretty – these will be nice spring/summer socks! It was only $6.75, so a very nice purchase.

And best of all, I treated myself to some Fleece Artist Merino Socks – I’m dying for some beautiful vivid sock yarn colours…I’m tired of my Magic Stripes/Knit Picks yarns I have in my stash, so I splurged. I didn’t eve get a picture of the hank, I was so excited


It’s the Hercules colorway – strong bold colours, just what I wanted. I picked a pattern out of my Sensational Knitted Socks book – the baby cabled rib – and it looks perfect for this yarn. I’m also using, for the first time, size 1 needles (all of my others are 2s or 3s) – and it’s fine except I hate that these needles are so long (they’re 8 inches long – I prefer my little 6 inches ones) – they get in the way. But otherwise it’s a fun knit – I’m about 3 inches into the cuff, alternating between that & Wicked as my main projects

I have no new pictures of Wicked – but I’m about 2 inches into the 5 inches of straight stockinette. Not every exciting, but a good mindless knit when I’m watching a movie.

Happy Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate it. I still think it’s silly holiday – CoffeeBoy is working anyway – but I hope you all are with someone you love. Or a yarn you love.