I haven’t updated for a week or so for several reasons. Mostly because it’s been a horrid week at work – I do not talk much about work anymore after several comments from employees have lead me to believe that someone has read this in the past (and if he is out there – “hi – and go away. I will not be talking about you or the company”). But mostly it was customers – or rather, noncustomers – starting with a drunk/homeless guy pissing on 2 shelves of books. I wish I was kidding. It didn’t get much better as my week went on – crazies, drunks, & theives – oh my!

And also because I’ve been working on Wicked & a sweater WIP isn’t that exciting.

Not exciting at all.

And I’m annoyed because I will not have enough yarn. Because I’m dumb sometimes. I put a call out for more Swish Jade but I think I’m just going to have to order more & see if they have the same dyelot. And since I cannot order KnitPicks without going up to $45 – really what’s the point? – I’m going to order some Bare & maybe some acid dyes – I really want to get into dying my own yarn. I’ve tried Kool-Aid but I want deep rich colours.

Part of my new interest is because I’ve been listening to way way too much Lime & Violet – catching up on old episodes. And of course I’ve been having the itch to make more socks – I ordered some Lisa Souza’s Lime & Violet Sock! yarn – sock yarn does not count towards stashbusting! And I cast on for a new pair of socks out of some stashThis is Blue Moon’s Sock Candy I bought way back last summer because I was feeling low so I got a colourway I don’t normally buy – blues, greys, & yellows. I’m just going to make some anklets with them. Maybe it’ll brighten my days

Speaking of Blue Moon, I know they are going to be at Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene and I’m so there – I got the time off at work already. Anyone else in Oregon going? I’m kinda excited – it’ll be my first fiber fest. And since it’s in Eugene, my moms coming too. Good times.

Since I was annoyed about Wicked, I decided to play with my Malabrigo.
Cabled Headband
Started: January 29th
Completed January 31st
Pattern: Cable & Bobble Headband from Interweave Knits, winter 2006
Yarn: Malabrigo, Verde Adriana colourway, less than half a hank
Needles: Size 8US
Notes: I had started this as another Panta but when I was flipping through IK, I decided I wanted to try this out. I decided I needed a thinner headband & wanted to play with cables. I realized after I completed it that the bobbles are not a good look on a headband – I looked like an alien. So no bobbles. I also decided to just connect the pieces instead of ties. BUT! I do love the yarn & the look of how it is knitted up! It’s purty. (not to mention my favourite colour) So when it gets warmer, I’ll have a headband to wear.

Special note to my SP – just because I made yet another headwrap does not mean I don’t need another! It’s my addiction. BTW, my SP rules – she’s kept me cheered up durring my horrid work week. I’m having so much fun with this Mellow SP, I can’t wait to mail my package out this week!

I’ll leave you with a pic of me & CoffeeBoy – he came out when I was taking a picture of the headband.

Celebrating our day off together.