Tweedy Panta
Started: January 21st
Completed: January 24th
Pattern: Panta (note, this is a link to the KAL, the pattern is there but it’s a .doc)
Yarn: Alpaca With A Twist Highlander in Heather in Bloom, almost all of one hank.
Needles: Size 6US
Notes: I LOVE this, I think this is my favourite thing I’ve knit in a very long time. The pattern is fun & goes very quick – I probably would have finished this the next day if work (stupid job) didn’t get in the way. And the yarn…oh my do I love working with this yarn. I think it’s perfect for this pattern – super warm & looks beautiful knitted up. I didn’t do any modifications to the pattern, although I used a size 6 instead of the size 5 the pattern says because I think a 5 would have been way too small for this yarn. The 6 made a very dense fabric, which is nice. I also just picked up stitches & bound them off to connect the two sides – I will do anything to avoid sewing things together. I’ve worn this all day today, even though it was a beautiful, almost warm day and I swear, this is exactly what I needed. My hair is so long that I wear pulled back in a bun or ponytail so often but hats just look dopey over that. So Panta is perfect because it keeps my head & ears warm, yet doesn’t look silly over a bun (BTW, I had just pulled my hair out of the bun it was in before this photo, hence the unruly look to my normal straight hair). I went back to CloseKnit today to buy my secret pal something (shhhhh – I love it & want to keep it for myself…but I won’t!) and the owner told me how much she liked it with that yarn & asked me for the pattern because so many people have asked for hairwrap things. So there may be a Panta made up there.

Is that enough gushing? Can you tell how much I love this? After Cristi’s post yesterday, I think I also need to make Calorimetry with my Malabrigo – isn’t it gorgeous?

I started Wicked & it’s going pretty well – although I kept screwing up the stitches because I was trying to watch 3 hours of 24 while starting it. Note to self – stop staring at Kiefer (who sadly, does not have the manpurse this year) when you are trying to not drop stitches.