Still have snow, still stuck at home. Not that it’s a bad thing (yah, knitting!) but I’m feeling a bit restless. On other days when I’m at home, I have the option of leaving but with the all the snow on the ground & not really any appropriate footwear – for the rain, yes, but not walking through several inches of snow on the road – I’m pretty much stuck here. I live on a small side street that no snow plow will drive down. I can’t even get my garbage picked up this week! Ah well.

My restlessness is also affecting my knitting…I don’t feel like working on anything I have started. The scarf for a friend is my travel project, I’m unhappy with the socks I have currently (Jaywalkers I think are going to be too small, the Coffeehouse socks are just annoying me), I’m not in the mood to start Green Gable, I need to wait until Friday to start Wicked (to buy the pattern), I’m tired of facecloths. Argh. Whine whine whine.

So I decided to do some frogging. Thus this:

Became this:

I’m still in love with this yarn, it’s the SWTC Pheonix that I bought almost a year ago,but I didn’t like how it knitted up. It just wasn’t the right pattern for the yarn…I can’t put my finger on it. I think I would have run out of yarn anyway. So bye-bye. I started knitting a shrug out of it – I’m using the top part of the Tubey because I love how that fits – I just don’t want to add the tube part. I need a new shrug (well, need it a bit of an exageration, I really want one) because it’s very chilly in the store and my Leaf Shrug doesn’t have long enough sleeves so it looks very silly over a long sleeved shirt – I wear it, but I need something more. So this should work. And here’s a nice close-up of the yummy yarn – it’s actually a much deeper royal blue. I started the SoyShurg today.

I also have a FO, something I worked on yesterday:

I’m really going crazy here…


Started: January 16th
Completed: January 16th
Pattern: just a simple rolled brim hat
Yarn: Patons Soy Wool Stripes in brown – most of a skein
Needles: Size 8 16inch circ, size 8 dpts
Notes: I’ve forgotten how lovely and simple a rolled brim hat is too make, just very relaxing kniting round & round for awhile (not too long) then it turns into a sweet little hat. I realized it when I made the adorable hats for my nephews so I just had to make one for myself. And I love the SWS yarn, I think it’s a perfect yarn for a simple hat – it makes lovely stripes & doesn’t itch (much) when I wear it. I only wish I had made it a bit longer – it’s about 10 inches and it would probably fit over my ears a bit better but it’s not a big deal.

I will say that I’m doing very well on my stash busting – I haven’t bought anything & I’ve got major projects (SoyShrug, Wicked, Green Gable) using only stash yarns – Pheonix, Swish, Cotton Fleece.

I’m still getting the itch to buy some yarn though…especially with $10 credit from Google. Could Malabrigo be mine?

Headed to my mom’s for a couple of days…I hope everyone is safe & warm somewhere!