A bit late, but I hope everyone had a great New Years. I spent it with some friends, old & new, in a dinky little bar. It actually was pretty fun, there was about 15 of us & we took over the place. More importantly I spent it with a couple of people near & dear to my heart and that’s the important bit.

We won’t talk about my over indulgence in drink. BUT! I was not hungover the next day for work, which was a minor miracle. I accomplished a lot at work since we were so slow. And paid 2.5 times my normal pay. Sweet.

2006 was a great year for me, at least the last half was. I met my best friend & love all combined in one person, I moved into a cute lil’ house, got my finances under control, and just pretty much got over this dark depression that ate away at me at the beginning of the year. So I am looking forward to the new year to see what it brings.

I was going to do a knitty round up of my FOs but I think I’m going to skip it. I think I did take my knitting to a whole new level of obsessive-ness this year – I now love socks! – but in the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of easy work…scarves, hats, etc. Once the holiday gifts are out of the way, I’m on to bigger & better things…I do really want to make Green Gable, since I have the pattern & yarn already! (stash busting!) I think I really need to challenge myself instead of the comfort, quick knitting I’ve been doing of late.

But first, I do need to finish some WiPs and Holiday gifts

Last FO of 2006

Niece’s Scarf
Started: December 28
Finished: December 30
Pattern: Basic Scarf (Scarf Recipe #2 from Knitting Rules! by Yarn Harlot)
Yarn: Sensations Licorice in Purple Multi, almost the whole ball
Needles: Size 13 circs
Finished Dimensions: 3 inches by 60 inches
Notes: I will say that this is not my cup of tea, but my 8 year old niece will love it. I haven’t worked with that large of needles in awhile either (the label calls for size 17s!) and I really dislike the thick/thin of the yarn – I think the edges look really wonky. It is soft & 100% wool, which is nice. I think what saved me from poking my eyes out is deciding to do it length-wise – I started by just casting on like 10 stitches & knitting back & forth before I got really bored & frogged it. However, casting on something like 110 stitches & working only like 10 rows was much better – it went by really fast. Anyway, I will see what my budding fashionista niece will say about it in a couple of weeks when I FINALLY see my family.

First FO of 2007:

Baby Neice Hat

Started: Jan 1
Completed Jan 2
Pattern: Just a basic hat
Yarn: Sensations Bellezza Collection Dolcetto in Pink, about half a ball
Needles: Size 8 circs, size 8 dpts
Notes: Okay, now this yarn I love. (not the pink, not too much of a pink person). So so so soft & knits up nicely – I used 8s & it looks really nice. (I think the recommended needles size on the Sensations is a bit big) Anyway, I hope this fits my 6 month old niece, I don’t exactly have any way of gauging it ( I had thought about going up to this cute baby in the store last night & asking the mom if I could try it on her. I thought better of it though). Anyway, I might make her some socks or mittens to match since I have so much left. And I think I need to make myself a sweater or cardi with it. Yum.

Will be the second FO of 2007:
It’s the My So Called Scarf for a friends birthday TODAY. And I should be finishing it now. So stay tuned for specs.