Since I was sick and felt sorry for myself yesterday, I made Fredrick a pocket

A Pocket for Fredrick
Started: December 25th
Completed: December 26th
Pattern: My own (see notes)
Yarn: Knit Picks Parade in Forest, held double. Less than one skein.
Needles: two size 4 circular needles
Notes: First of all, this was my first time ever using 2 circulars to knit in the round. In the beginning, I wasn’t so sure about it (then there was a detail of holding it backwards…so the first 2 rows are purls. It’s now a design feature, all right?) Once I got the hang of it…I love it. I’m going to make it a point of getting some circs in smaller sizes – the #4s are the only ones I have 2 of. Anyway, I just started with an icord, worked on it for an inch then did a YO/k2tog in the middle for a button hole. Worked on the icord for a total of 7 inches (I want to be able to hook it around my purse strap so it doesn’t get lost). Then I CO 25 more stitches & worked them in the round for 4 inches (after, of course, knitting inside out for 2 rows. Sigh.). I finished by using a kitchner stitch on the bottom. I have a huge bag of buttons so I dug up one that fit the hole. The bag is perfect – since I knit the yarn doubled on smaller needles, it’s very durable. Plus, it ended up being about 2.5 inches across, so it fits the headphones as well. Huzzah!

Still sick & feel sorry for myself. Now I should take a nap…or finish up the rest of my holiday gifts.