This was my first Christmas without my family so it’s been very difficult.

But luckily I found someone who makes me so happy that I could spend it with…even if he had to work today so I’m on my own. I’m pretty sick today anyway, so I doubt I’d be a lot of fun.

What my wonderful Coffeeboy gave me:He obviously knows me well.
While no yarn (hey, I’m lucky he went into Lush for me!), I got a sweet little ipod nano (named Fredrick, after Wentworth in Persuasion), some Lushy stuff, a gorgeous opal necklace a friend of his made, and a gift certificate to Clogs N More so I’ll actually have comfy shoes to wear to work. A very nice Christmas indeed. He seems to enjoy the gifts I got him as well – some books, the Northern Exposure season 1 DVD box set and a funny tshirt (“Pluto – Revolve in Peace” from mental_floss)

I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday. I’m going to play with Fredrick some more, before I pass out from the cold medicine.