I have a new love:
Oh make that two new loves:
That’s Knit Picks Swish Superwash, by the way

Oh but what about this?

I’ve gone a bit crazy with the wool, I guess, but…it’s so damn pretty & soft & yummy and I just want to play with all the time.

So Mission Falls 1824 wool…aw man, it’s like butter. I bought a random skein to play with when I bought the Dream In Color yarn because I heard good things about it. I decided to start the boys gloves (which I’m using the Stitch N Bitch armwarmers pattern with a glove pattern from the Handy Book of Patterns.). Lovely lovely to work with, I think I’m in love. I immediatly went to a former favourite local yarn store (no names, but I don’t think I’ll be going back there again) because I had a coupon and bought 4 more skeins for some gifts – a long skinny scarf for my fashionista in training 8 year old neice and a hat for CB’s college roommate & best friend (different than the friend I’m making the Manly Scarf for) – which was a quick knit
the stats:
Mission Falls Hatter
Started: December 2
Completed December 5
Pattern: Mostly used my pattern for PDX Hatter, but changed up the gauge. CO 64 stitches, did the pattern for 6 inches, decreased for another couple of inches.
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824, nearly 1 skein of Charcoal, small amount of Teal.
Needles: Size 8 16inch cirs, Size 8 dbpt needles.
Project Notes: Very quick knit, mosly knitted it while waiting for CB to finish closing the cafe & on the train to & from work. It’s small (but it fits Betty!), and luckily he has a smaller head than me. I wish I had made it a bit longer though, I’m afraid it might not cover his ears.

Okay next up, Swish Superwash. Not as soft as the Mission Falls, but still fabulous to knit with. I wish they had this when Iwas looking for yarn for some sweaters…I’ll definitly use it for a sweater at some point…when I start making sweaters again…which will be some time next year. Sigh.

I am making good progress on the Manly Scarf with Swish, even though I only knit on it on the bus & train:

I want to finish it soon, but it’s not one I’m making for Christmas or anything.

As for the Patons SWS, I got those from Knotty Gnome‘s destashing sale. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile so when I saw she had some, I snapped it up. It’s very nice but I haven’t had a chance to play with it. Beautiful colours too! I also got some Peaches & Cream and Lion Cotton from the sale as well.

I do find it funny that I only got stuff I could buy at craft stores. Ah well, I’m suporting my local yarn store & my fellow knitters in my own way.

Anyway, a couple more FOS:

More of the holiday knits for family & friends. The bath mitt from the KnitPicks kit on the left…I don’t like it that much, I think I made the fingers to short. I might just keep this one & make a nicer one for my friend. In the center the start of another star cloth for CB’s mom. On the right is a seed stitch wash cloth to go with the flower cloth I made a week or so ago. I’m not that pleased with the cloths, or maybe I’m just sick of working on them.

So what do I do instead of making gifts for everyone else?

That’s right. I start a hat. For MYSELF. Eek.

By the way, my neighbors think I’m completly crazy. It was nice out, so I took all these photos out on my front porch. I got some odd looks as I kept posing the yarn just right. Hee.