I’ve been very sparatic with my posting…I’ve either been knitting, working, sleeping or doing something with the house – yes, leaves are still my mortal enemy. Plus my FOs have not been very exciting, to be honest and my knitting ADD is still in full force. Luckily, I’ve had small projects.

So…I ended up using the Shine Worsted for this, from a pattern on KnittingKnonsense – the flower. (Yeah, thanks to Turtlegirl’s suggestions awhile ago, I use this website a lot) This particular facecloth is with Blush, not that you can tell from that faded out picture. I used size 6 circ needles & made an icord to use as a loop in the corner. I do love it…I would definitly use it to wash my face! So I hope whomever gets it likes it too.

Oh by the way, get used to that pattern…I’ll be using it a lot. I like the little flower!

The reason I’m not using the Bacchus in the Bathtub pattern? One reason…

It’s too big – it’s hard to tell with this picture, but it’s huge for a washcloth. I’m also not too fond of the stitch pattern on the washcloth pattern (which I switched to my favourite garter border, seed stitch pattern). And I’m not sure if it was because of the double strand of yarn, the size 10.5 needles, or the stitch I used but it stretches way out when I use. Feels really nice though, all soft & nubly. So I might play around with it with the million other washcloths I’m planning on making with a smaller needle size, maybe size 9s & start with less stitches.

This one was just a test cloth because I wasn’t fond of the color – Watermelon – and it didn’t go with any of the other colors. So this is for me. I haven’t tried the other projects with the Bacchus patterns but I plan on trying out the eye mask soon.

In other projects, I watched 3 episodes of the Closer yesterday & worked on the Dream in Color scarf. No pictures (how interesting is a 2×2 rib scarf in progress?) but it’s at 45 inches. I’m going to between 60-65 inches then do the stitch pattern again. I should finish it by Wednesday night as we are headed 2 hours south to my mom’s to visit with her & my sister & her family. It’s going to be chaos I know – 5 dogs, 4 kids under the age of 7, my bickering sister & BIL and my mom – but it should be fun. We have to leave on Thursday morning though, as we are having a Thanksgiving dinner at the CoffeeHouse.

Ugh. I think I need a Hot Buttered Rum.