This was too much fun to do:

Though I don’t agree with it, but it’s funny. I’m also not a big fan of the picture but it’s the only one that would work.

So the house thing had better be cleared up this week or we’ll be homeless! I have faith. I believe it will…so hopefully next lazy Sunday I’ll laying around my house knitting instead of my apt like I am today. (Actually, I’ll probably be moving stuff all day, but a girl can dream)

Oh and let me tell you Bob Dylan puts on an amazing show. Saw him last night with CB & friends – great time. I will say that I’ve always liked Bob Dylan but CB loves him so I said I would go. Man, now I love him , it was way more rockin’ than I expected. Go Bobby D.! Highlight was hearing my 2nd favourite song “Just Like A Woman” and singing along. (My favourite Bob Dylan song, since I know you’re dying to know, is “It’s Not Dark Yet”. He didn’t play it though.)