Both of my extended vacations this year…have not been what I would have liked. Not bad mind you, just really lonely & boring. I’ve been at the mom’s house for 2 days straight, while I’ve had 3 dogs & 2 cats to keep me company, I’ve been a bit lonely. While it isn’t my mom’s fault – really, no one’s fault my sister’s baby decided to show up the first night I’m here, thereby sending my mom over to my sisters 2 hours away, it’ still frustrating.

Ah well, today it changes, for I am off to the Oregon Coast (close to where turtlegirl got these beautiful shots, alas, I will not be spending the night next to a yarn store…I don’t think) & I’m very much looking forward to it – not least of which I get to have some human companionship for a couple of days.

But…it was not a wasted trip…I got a lot done on the Leaf Edged Bolero. It is going well actually, I finished the back, the right front & have started the left front. They were pretty quick to knit up. Of course now it’s for the sleeves. It’s so annoying…I love having long sleeves that go past my wrist, unfortunately, I have gorilla arms so I’m knitting on sleeves FOREVER. Or so it seems. Generally I get bored half way through, thinking “Oh 3/4 sleeves are fine.” Now almost all my sweaters sleeves are 3/4 length. Ah well. Then of course it’s the whole sewing it all together – something I have not done in a very long time. Should be…interesting.

And, because it’s me & I have a sickness, I bought more yarn. I braved using the truck to go out to get out of the house (small note, my car, which I haven’t drove in over a year, is the smallest thing possible. I have had it for 15 years. This monster that my mom owns is 3 times as big but my only means of transportation here. Which shows how bored I got here – driving something so big after years of driving my tiny car is not very fun.) Anyway, I decided to not push my luck with the huge monster to venture into the small streets of Eugene for the LYS and just went to Ben Franklin, a craft store with a huge selection of yarn & some pretty decent prices. I went to check to see if Magic Stripes was still half off (no) & ended up getting some Sockotta since it’s one of the major sock yarns I have yet to try. It’s a purty blue colour, which I love, and will probably end up being a Christmas gift for someone (Mom? Sister? BIL?). I managed to control myself to just this though…there were a lot of yarns on sale that I would have liked to try out, but I do need to control my spending – or actually, I’d rather spend my money at LYS like Lint.

Somehow I became an addicted sock knitter. Strange how things work out.