In more ways than one, but let’s just stick with knitting, since this is, after all, a knitting blog

Yep, a completed pair of socks. YAH! This is what happens when I have the entire second season of Veronica Mars that I could not stop watching. I finished the second sock in ONE DAY. Amazing, to say the least.

The stats:

  • The VM Socks
  • Started – July 1st
  • Completed – July 6
  • Pattern – Used a pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks – Cuff down with a Ridged Feather stitch & Forethought Heel.
  • Yarn – Lion’s Brand Magic Stripes in LumberJack Black (sidenote to Kim In OR – yes I know MS have been discontinued. Booo!)
  • Needles – size 3 US dps
  • Modifications – well, the nice thing about the SKS patterns is you can do what you want. I only did a 5 inch cuff, mostly because I got bored of it.
  • Will I make it again? I doubt I’ll use this stitch pattern again – I like it okay, the stripes are all wavy but I don’t think the lace part really worked out all that well. Or I just don’t really like it. I’m also not completely onboard with the forethought heel, but it really does look nice with striped sock yarn. It just looks so pointy when not on the foot.

And I started the second of the ToeUp Dancing socks.

Happy days are here again. Or at least the last couple have been.