Look! A Sock!Look! Another Sock!
And what is wrong with these two pictures? (I mean other than the fact I REALLY should clean my apt) Oh yeah, they don’t match. So I’ve finished 2 socks but not a pair. Man, I rule.

The top photo is the sock I started in the last post – I’m calling it my VM Sock because I’ve been working on it while watching the second season of Veronica Mars that I recently acquired. (Side note – man, do I love that show – not as much as Deadwood – but I’m so addicted to cleverly written shows. I’m such a wordy girl – give me sharp, intelligent dialogue & I’m yours) So the VM Sock it is. Probably the quickest sock I’ve knit, probably because I made the cuff much shorter than I usually do – I decided that I want some shorter socks. They’re more comfortable. I’ll experimented with some different things on it – It’s got a lacey stitch pattern, I can’t remember the name of it – it’s in the Sensational Knit Socks – that makes the stripes all wavy. Very easy to do. Also, the heel is an “forethought heel”, something I’ve never tried before and I will say I like it better than picking up stitches for a heel flap. I messed it up a little but it looks all right & fits just fine. So now I need to make the second.

The second photo is Toe Up Dancing sock. I mentioned it earlier, I love doing toe up socks by the way, it was much easier & much more fun than I would have thought. It also has a fun rib pattern – again, I’m at the CoffeeHouse so I don’t have the book to reference. Oh! Actually I think it’s called a Beaded Rib pattern. Anyway…these are for someone else, but this person annoyed me so much that I’m taking a break from it for now. I’ll start it again soon.

But first:
Yes, I CO for the second VM Sock. So yah me.

Woke up in a bit of funk today & the weather is agreeing with me – all overcast & cloudy (of course it is, it’s my day off) My 4th was anti-climatic, just went up to the rose garden with some friends & a couple of beers & watched the fireworks over the city. Pretty, but again, not all that exciting. Also realizing something in my life is over & that hurts and starting over again doesn’t appeal to me. But here I am again, starting over.

It’s what I do, I guess.