So this:

is the only way I’ll be getting on the internets at home. For now. Yes, it is out on my fire escape. And if I even sit it on my lap, I lose the signal. And I obviously won’t be doing this when it rains. But oh well. I am planning on setting something up more permanently. I think the people at Freds are a little tired of me. I do love my coffee shop I hang out at though.

That is my funky blanket my mom made me for Christmas. Love it, I should have positioned it better.

So got word from the Knitter Review Boards that Lions is discontinuing Magic Stripes. You know, I dislike most of the Lions yarns – I mean, granted I learned to knit on them but I have become a snob. I even tried to use Wool-Ease for a pair of thick socks for my BIL but I hated it so very much – ick. But I do love my Haunted Socks – they are comfy comfy comfy and I wear them frequently. So I am sad. But…my mom checked Ben Franklins for me & apparently they’re all on sale – so she bought 4 balls of it! Thanks mom! I can’t remember all the ones she got but I know this red & black loveliness is one of them. I’m loving this colorway so as soon as I get my hands on it, I’ll be trying it out. Not that I have anything else to do…

Speaking of…

Toe Up Dancing Socks.
I’m hoping they won’t be too small for my friend, I’ve never made toe ups before, nor have I made socks for anyone buy myself. So we’ll see. I’m currently trying my hand at a short row heel now. Here’s a closeup of the beaded rib stitch I got from Sensational Knitted Socks. It’s purty
Well, as much as you can see anyway. I love this yarn too – it’s way too bad that it’s being discontinued as well. Sigh. Maybe I’m death on sock yarns.

One more lame shot:
This is the back of the Leaf Edge Bolero. I wish I could see a completed one – I’ve only ever seen the one on the pattern & it doesn’t show the back of it. And believe me, I’ve looked.

And since I can’t have a post without mentioning Deadwood…damn, the last episode blew me away. I love this show that even after almost 30 episodes, it can still blow me away with the writing. The last scene…wow. Wow. WOW.

Oh and check out one my favourite blogger’s new design, She Just Walks Around With It. It makes me want to do something different with mine…I like my Girls Kick Ass banner (a silly drawing I’ve been doing high school – kinda my personal logo I guess) but I don’t know enough about web design. Ah well. I’m just glad that I haven’t found another blog with a similar template, like my last one. And if you do know someone with this template, please don’t tell me. I don’t want to see it as I’m sure it theirs looks better.