Done & done.

But, um, I couldn’t get a decent picture. So just picture this times 2.

Is this the height of laziness or what? Reusing a picture?!?!

The Stats:

  • Started – June 5
  • Finished – June 14
  • Pattern – Simple sock pattern, mostly using Yarn Harlot’s pattern in Knitting Rules
  • Yarn – Opal Rainforest yarn in Parrot. I have about 1/4 left of the 100gm ball
  • Needles – 2.5Us dps
  • Modifications – I co on fewer stitches than the YH pattern.
  • Will I make it again? – Well, I’d use this yarn again. Lovely & after wearing them today, super comfy. But I need to get away from the simple sock knits, it’s rather boring now. I also seem to always co too many stitches because they bag a bit at the ankle. But when I’m knitting, I’m always panicked that they’ll be too small – which has happened before. I think I’d also use a smaller needle size, as I’m worried the stitches are too loose.

I’ve now started on the Toe Up Dancing socks. Finished the toe, now picking out a stitch pattern.

What Green Gable & Leaf Edged Bolero? I’m a sock knitter now!