So…I finally get my computer back & running & then the wireless goes down in my building. I imagine it’s because of the construction going on (at night no less) on my street. It’s really enjoyable. So I am now working at a free wifi cafe (not that Portland is short on them at all) down the street. It’s not bad, and hey at least I get out of the house.

Still a bit annoying when I just want to look something up real quick & have to wait. I should just get a landline for this kind of problem but I really don’t need one.

Anyway, I’m halfway done with the parrot socks!

Yup, finished one last night…and being the good girl I am, I immediately cast on for the second so I wouldn’t lose the momentum. I love this yarn, it’s so bright & pretty & I love the design. I’m just using a simple sock pattern for it. But I recently picked up Sensational Knitted Socks and I’m getting some great ideas for my next socks, with all the fun patterns.

And it could very well be with this yarn:

This would be Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy – I think it’s call Sierra. Apparently it’s difficult to find this stuff – I was talking one of the ladies at the shop & she said that they are phasing them out…which is different than I heard but whatever…so there wasn’t that much. I’m not a big fan of this store but I was wandering by & felt the call of buying something. I only could find one skein I liked so not enough for a full pair of socks. I probably just pick up a ball of solid sock yarn to complete it. I really enjoy this yarn – I made my first pair of socks (disaster, but whatever) out of it. I also bought some new needles if that wasn’t obvious. I’m trying to get over my fear of small needles – the smallest I’ve ever used is 2.5US (I know!) so these are 1 US. Maybe someday I’ll even get smaller.

I still haven’t CO for the Green Gable yet. Maybe I truly am a sock knitter now.

***Personal Non-Knitting Content***
Otherwise my mind has been consumed by weird situations that keep popping up. My ex has started contacting me again & I’m unsure how to react. We were together like 5 years ago & since then he’s been married & separated. He ended up calling me at work & I (foolishly) agreed to meet him tonight. Now I don’t know. I know why I agreed & it isn’t because I have feeling for him still. It’s because (a) I’m lonely (sad but true). (b) my ego needs a boost. (c) I’m irritated at the person I really care about because he can’t make up his damn mind about me and I’m tired of trying to convince him. None are very good reasons. I should probably just cancel. Argh.

When did my life get so complicated? It was fairly mundane until a couple of months ago and now…I just don’t know.