In more ways than one

After spending 3 nights with the GBF & friends (drinking, dancing, & karaoke – wee!), I spent the actual weekend hiding from the world, because of a…ah.. disappointment. Sigh. And what did the sad girl do all weekend?

Yep, bought entirely too much yarn online. Because I really needed more.

First up is KnitPicks, my favourite. I decided I really needed this.

I have such an addiction to cardis, shrugs, & wraps (essential in OR where the weather changes so often). And I’m loving the way this looks. I, for once, am not doing it in green, since I just finished the AppleCardi, I opted for Shine Sport in River. I am excited to start this. I love working with the Shine yarns and I’m loving this colour. But I have a feeling this bolero is not knit top down, which will be my first project in a very long time I’m going to have to sew together – I am not the best sewer so I’ve only been making sweaters & cardis in one piece. We shall see.

Next up from KnitPicks (because, hey I had to order $40 worth) is some sock yarn. I have become addicted to socks – I can’t stop looking at the yarn & buying it up. And since KnitPicks has a bunch on sale, who am I to argue?

These are in the Dancing line. While I loved my Stargazer socks, I can’t really wear them right now since they are pure wool (and I didn’t reinforce the heel so I need to do some darning with them.) So I got these – cotton, wool, & nylon. I think I’ll make one of them for a dear friend who has had to put up with my issues for the past few weeks. Anyway, they are the colourways Swing & Jig. Hee. Maybe it’ll make me want to dance. I’ve heard good things about this yarn on the millions of web boards I visit.

Last up is Parade – a bit thicker than the others so I may save it up until it gets cooler (because it’s not like I don’t have enough to do). This one is in Forest – pretty neutral. Might also make these for someone else. Not sure yet.

But I’m not done yet! I kind of spent a little too much time on Ebay…sigh. I go through my moods where I buy stuff on there…then stay away for months at a time (I think the last time I bought something on Ebay was 9 months ago). I get so frustrated with bidding because I always seem to get outbid…or else I get really into bidding & spend more than I wanted because I must have this! No one else can take it! Not good for the pocket book.

So I try to use the Buy It Now! option.

And I’m in love with the colours of Opal Rainforest. I’ve never used the yarn, but man, do I love those colors! I’m pretty obsessed with the LadyBug one, but I ended up getting Parrot one instead (because of the Buy it Now). It’s cute. I’m actually watching a couple of other auctions with the Opal Rainforest – one in the LadyBug & one with Caterpillar – which I think is a prototype. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else & I love love love it – it’s all sorts of green colours. Sigh. But I think I’ve gone over my yarn budget for the year.

But I bought a couple more things – I joined all the cool kids and bought the Green Gable pattern from Zephyr. It’s exactly the kind of pattern I love – knit in the round, lovely neckline, interesting ways of making changes to it. I think I might do what Turtlegirl did with hers – adding the stitch pattern at the bottom. We’ll see. All the finished objects on the Green Gable KAL are gorgeous, so I’m pretty excited to start this

And of course I bought yarn for that too – on Ebay in an auction (where I outbid the last bidder in the last 2 minutes – yes I’m evil but that’s what I guess I have to do) – I ended up getting 4 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Lapis (really deep blue) for about $15 (plus postage, I always forget about that part – still a good deal). I love the color, I have one skein of it here but that was definitely not enough for the Green Gable.

Yes I am aware that both River for the bolero & Lapis for the the Green Gable are nearly the same colour. What can I say, I’m in a blue mood (um, more ways than one, I guess. Is that a sign that I got lots of blue yarn this weekend?)

Now the waiting begins. Which will arrive first? My bet is on the Opal.