Picovoli part deux:
I decided to do another Piocovoli (that actually fits – the other one is too big) since I enjoyed making the other so much & it’s all knitted in the around, to avoid my twisted stitches problem. I think I am going to put a lace pattern on the bottem though, maybe like the soleil. Very excited to finish this.

I’m hooked on this yarn I guess. I still haven’t even broke out the KnitPicks Shine Worsted yet…I don’t know what to do with it!

It’s been a slow knitting week (I started this on Monday night & this is all I’ve done). Work has kept me hopping & my personal life is taking a interesting turn (I think. And I hope). But the sun is out, it’s gorgeous here and I have 2 days off. So it’s time for some fire escape knitting!

Oh yeah, I guess I should clean my apt too. Amazing what I can pile up.