Because I knit so differently from in the round to straight. Usually it doesnt’ make too much of a difference but when it’s something like Soleil, you can totatally tell.



I spent most of Friday knitting out on the fire escape because it was unbelievably gorgeous. I didn’t feel like going anywhere & worked on soleil. But now I’m annoyed by it. I’m not sure how I can even correct it. I mean I’ll finish it but I’ll be sad about it.

So I just started another sock:
I’ve just done the cuff. I’m actually not sure about what I’m going do now. I’m thinking about some kind of seed stitch pattern, I guess I’ll figure it out today.

A lot of other things are annoying me too (not work as much -yah) but more personal ones. I’m just at an odd place mentally & unsure of what to do next in certain part of my life. So sorry this is kinda of a grumpy post.

Oh and since people totally care, I finally got Firefox. Why I didn’t get it before, I’ll never know.