So I guess I’m back to picking songs as my post titles. This one is from my evil evil boyfriend Nick Cave. Oh how I love him. Who else could have an album with something like 150 murders? I’m really into lyrics – they make or break it for (non instrumental) songs for me & I love the stories he tells…so evil. He actually goes along with the last two movies I’ve seen – Capote & A History of Violence, both of which I loved but both really unsettling. I think I need some happy dumb films for awhile. Somehow I don’t think Everything is Illuminating, which is next on the list, is going to be that kind of film.

Anyway, I just got the Nick Cave b sides & there’s a beautiful, stark version of “The Mercy Seat”, just Nick & a quiet piano. Love love love.

And thus the overlong explanation of the post title, which has nothing to do with the content. Though I’m beginning to feel like I’m in the mercy seat at work. Sigh.

So after a craptastic day at work (it actually wasn’t that bad until the last half hour when I got a call from the AUM which irritated me to death. ARGH. Then the only time it poured (POURED) down rain today was when I was walking home), I came home to a happy sight – yarn!

Oh the happy thought of more KnitPicks yarn! Especially since it took so damn long. It’s sad, the main offices are across the river but unfortunately it’s sent from OH. So I have 6 skeins of Shine Sport in Cherry which is going to be soliel for sure. I wish it was a deeper red, this is a bit more pink than I thought it would be. Ah well. Next to it is two skeins of Sock Garden in StarGazery Lily. Again, more pink than I thought but still lovely. Probably will be some simple socks for myself. And last but not least 675 yards of Shine Worsted in Green Apple. Love that colour. Haven’t decided for sure of what it will be but I’m leaning towards Somewhat Cowl. There’s a KAL over at SKC but I won’t be starting it for awhile. So no KAL for me.

But first I must finish the Super Fabulous Soy Silk Sweater.

Yes, that is miles & miles of ribbing. It looks like it might turn out pretty decent. But gah, this last bit is slowly driving me mad.