I haven’t been knitting.

I keep getting distracted in my personal life & sometimes it seems easier just to stare at the computer monitor. Plus I’ve been doing most of my writing on my MySpace blog in diary form to work through some personal issues. Writing is therapy but I don’t want people I know reading it.

Make sense?

But I have 2 days stretching in front of me & no money So I have plans.

  • I will finish the Haunting Socks. I am just starting the heel of the second one. (see, I said I wasn’t knitting much this week)
  • I will work on the Super Fabulous Soy Silk Sweater. I haven’t made any progress since my last photo. But I love the colour & I really want to finish it.
  • I want to make a new hat. I’m sick of my hats. I think I have something in my stash. Something small but warmish.

I have 3 movies from Netflix plus several from the library. Let’s see what I can do.