Every week, the store I work at has a gathering of drunken kickball. It’s been going on steadily for a year now. Since I had the day off of work (for the, ahem, Oscars), I got to join in.

I live in the northwest. It rains a lot. Which involves a bunch of mud.

These cuties are two of my lovely friends after the game. Good times.

I managed to not fall down (actually these boys dove into the mud, but everyone was pretty muddy at that point), mostly because I pitched & when I was kicking & had to run to second base (completly submerged in the mud), there was a lovely tall boy who caught my fall a couple of times (and got me out. Not the fun part). There wasn’t as much drunken kickball as usual, due to a wild night on the town most of the folks went to – not I, not my thing.. But still a lot of fun, as always. In fact, I had so much fun, I missed the begining of the Oscars for the first time in years.

But now, I ache. I tried to play it off to the boys I work with…”Oh don’t I hurt at all, you guys are wimps”. But wow, my legs are hurting. I finally decided to go back to PowerFlex tonight, why I don’t know. Glutton for punishment I guess. Now not just my legs are hurting, my whole body is.

Anyway, no knitting done since I last wrote. I’m so sad about Panta, because it looks so lovely. Sigh. I may try to add another yarn in, we’ll see. Tonight it will be the Haunting Socks while I watch The Amazing Race – finally back and fairly decent too! I will probably be moaning & groaning about my poor body too.