You’d think since I own a computer, I’d update more. Nope!

There actually isn’t much to update. I feel like I’ve done nothing but work this week, it was extra long. But! I have a 3 day weekend! A normal person weekend with Saturday & Sunday off! These things don’t happen in the retail world unless you are very very lucky. No real plans yet, just Oscar night with the girls on Sunday and maybe some LSHG movie watching again on Saturday…but that’s not confirmed quite yet…I don’t want to plan on it & then it doesn’t happen…

Knitting, wow, I really haven’t done that either. I’m still working on the Haunting Socks. Sometimes I love working on them, sometimes I just want to throw them across the room. I ended up starting Panta last night durring Lost (attention Lost people in charge: I was kidding about Sayid being too damn distracting & screwing up Leaf. Please, I’ll even be okay if he only has one line. Just give me that, okay?) and I’m loving how quick this knits up. I will hopefully finish it by tomorrow. Which is good because I left my favourite hat at work & there’s no way I’m going in to get it until Monday.

And now a meme I got from one of my favourite blogs Frog in Knots (just a side, jeez my blog reads are getting out of hand over there on the right! That’s what I’ve been doing this week…) So…here goes…

4 jobs or places of work:

  • Borders, where I currently work. I run a kickass cafe.
  • Sam Goody/Musicland. I worked there for 5 years. They are run by satan.
  • Harry & David. An Oregon company that I answered phones durring Christmas to take orders. It actually was kind of fun. But not something I want to do again.
  • McDonalds. I was young. It was my first real job. I hated it. (shockingly)

4 movies I’d watch over and over again: (I’m cheating, I know)

  • Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version)/Persausion/Sense & Sensibility. I really do watch them over & over again. I might be a bit of Jane Austen nerd
  • Gosford Park. Yeah it’s an oddball choice but I really love to rewatch it over & over again, I always discover something I didn’t notice before. I don’t know anyone who loves this movie as much as I do. Bonus! Clive Owen!
  • Singles/Almost Famous I had to put them together because they totally represent different parts of my life perfectly. Singles because it’s all about the Seattle scene that I was way into, Almost Famous because I lived a combination of a BandAid & the young boy for awhile. No, I did not sleep with any rock stars, wannabes or otherwise.
  • Rear Window. It always gets me stressed out everytime I watch it. I love Hitchcock films but this one is my all time favourite.

4 places where I’ve lived:

  • PDX! Represent!
  • Eugene OR. Where all the good hippies went after San Fran got too expensive
  • Tucson AZ. I missed it so much when I moved to OR, I wanted to go back. I’m not sure I could live there again, but I still have fond memories.
  • Dugway, UT. Haven’t heard of it? Not a surprise. It’s a tiny army post in the middle of nowhere. (40 miles to the nearest “town”, 70 miles to SLC.) Still a fun place for a young child – our backyard went on for miles in the desert.

4 TV shows I like:

  • The Sopranos/Deadwood. My friends are really shocked that I don’t obsess over Sex in the City & Six Feet Under like they do but give me the gritty shows. I’m going to be dying in a few weeks when Sopranos starts up because I don’t have HBO right now.
  • The Amazing Race. The only really fantastic reality show there is (that’s why they won those Emmys!). With the exception of the truly horrible Family Edition, I’m always on the edge of my seat, completely enthralled.
  • Lost. Yeah this season is really uneven but I’m still there every Wednesday night. Hello Sayid!
  • The Daily Show. Even though I can only watch it on my computer, it is my all time favourite. It’s really the only thing I miss about cable.

4 Websites I visit every day:

4 Places I’ve been to for holidays: (what holidays? I’m just going with where I went on holiday because I really only go to moms for the holidays)

  • NYC
  • Vancouver Canada
  • Boston
  • Las Vegas

4 favourite dishes:

  • Palak Paneer. Or any Indian food, really.
  • Thai Basi Chicken with a Thai iced tea. Yum
  • Chicken Alfredo.
  • Lemon Ginger Shrimp & Asparagas that my mom makes me everytime I visit.

4 places I’d like to be right now:

  • NYC with my buddies
  • Anywhere in Europe because I really want to go there.
  • Costa Rica because I’ve been told I need to go there.
  • Somewhere warm because I’m really cold at the moment

4 bloggers to answer the questions next:

  • Anyway who wants to do this! I’ve seen it too often on blogs to know who’s done it or not.