Length of time owning yarn: 3 years
Length of time on needles: on 3 years ago, frogged. on 2 years ago, frogged. in current state since October.

I’m regularly haunted by this. I AM THE ONLY GODDAMN KNITTER IN THE WORLD WHO DOESN’T LIKE MAKING SOCKS. I am continually asking myself, what is wrong with me. I love to knit. I love socks. I have many many many pairs, & I love to buy myself funky stripey socks. Why don’t I like to make socks? They are easy & quick, there’s so much great yarn & colours out there. And it’s much cheaper than say, Tubey. (I prefer to not think of what it cost, but it was worth it). Yes yes, I made that pair for Lolly‘s Socktober but they didn’t please me (too big, they fall off my feet if I wear them around)

So Haunting Socks called to me about 2 weeks ago before I visited mom so I dug them out of the bottom of my knitting basket where they were lurking. I ended up carting them (I like how I keep saying “them” since it’s not even one complete cuff) on the train but I ignored them the entire weekend. The needles, fearing for their lives, tried to break free of their carrying bag, resulting in many curses from me that I should not have said in front of mom when they poked up my fingernail. Then I brought them home & pretty much ignored them to finish Leaf & work on SFSSS. But tonight, after jealously coveting someone else’s joy of socks, I could put them off no longer.

I actually worked on them. And enjoyed it.

I know!

It’s not even that fantastic of yarn (Lion’s Brand Magic Stripes – the funniest thing (or saddest thing, really) is I unknowingly bought the same yarn twice during my yearly fits of “I want to make socks”. So now I have two balls of the exact same colour.) The pattern is pretty simple (it’s from last years Knitting Day by Day calendar, one of like 12 out 365 I actually liked & kept. Still didn’t stop me from buying one this year – but not at full price). And I knitted while watching Hustle & Flow, a very engrossing film that I enjoyed.

So will I continue with the Haunting Socks? That is the question…