It is cold.

Granted, not as cold as what’s going on in the midwest, so I shouldn’t complain but walking to Trader Joes for groceries (my big excursion so far today) was painful. Living in the city, we get these delightful wind tunnels between buildings. So when you turn a corner, you feel like your face is peeling right off your face. Charming. And I rarely turn on the heat in the apt, but today I had to, after dislodging Mina from her favourite perch on top of the heater. Of course, it proceeded to set off the fire alarm (something about high ceilings & trapped air, I’m told) but at least my hands weren’t freezing off while I was knitting.

And knit I did:

I decided my Super Fabulous Soy Silk Sweater will (mostly) be Tempting II from the newest issue of Knitty. I love the construction, especially the knitting from the bottom up & how the sleeves are set in. I say “mostly” because I’m not sure about the buckle on the collar, it’s not exactly “me”. I love this yarn too, it knits up really easily. Unfortunately, it’s in 1×1 rib. Not a big deal, but the last few projects have been in 2×2 & it’s so easy to space off & slip back into it – I’ve had to go back a few stitches several times (I forget the term for that). Still, it’s a good project to work on, especially today when I’m huddled under blankets reading TWoP recaps. Lazy day, no?

Okay, I guess I better at least take a shower before going out. Stay warm to everyone who’s getting pounded by Mother Nature!