Oh the glorious mini break. Away from work, problems, life at my mothers where I have access to the web, cable tv & free food. A slackers dream. Plus, I get to see my mom, who’s having some problems. Worst, some asshole ransacked her car & truck last night. We don’t think they got anything or destroyed her new car but it’s really upsetting. My abandoned car was untouched, unsurprising really since it looks like it’s been ransacked already. So not good times here but I’m glad I was here for her.

Anyway, I’m getting some knitting done of course. I was on a train for 3 hours (a half hour longer than I should have been, damn delays) so I got quite a bit done on the Leaf Shrug. One arm done & about half of the other. So I just have the collar & the rest of the arm – yah! I love this yarn so much & I can’t wait to use it again. I want to make this next. Or maybe this, since I love Shine as well. Who knows. I’m still on my yarn starvation diet…which it is a bad time because Lint is having a huge sale this weekend. What’s a knitting girl to do? Actually I might go anyway since my mom will be in town. Yeah, right, I’m going for my mom.

Only 2 days until my very own computer! No more icky library ones (by the way I love the library most of the time, I think our city has the most beautiful library – Central – but I don’t like the atmosphere. Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it before) or using this slow slow slow computer here. Yah!

I haven’t talked about books in awhile. Actually there’s a good reason – I’ve been rereading my braincandy (fluffy mysteries) & other silly things but I did read a really good book in the past week or so. The Company by my new boyfriend Max Barry. Okay, so I just got to meet him when he came into the store in a drive by (I love using that term, especailly when it’s used for authors – it just means they come by & sign all their books. I like to imagine them with machine guns “why is my book not on display!”)) without a handler. So unusual! So, of course I got to flirt like mad with him. He’s an Aussie! And nice! And I really did love Jennifer Government! (He, I imagine, was probably thinking “Get away from my you freak”.) Anyway, the book is excellent, very funny if you work for a corporation & have a desk job. My job is half desk, have floor, so I thought it was hysterical. Plus it’s about business books, which I’m always suspcious of.

I love my job sometimes. Since we have a such a central location, we get lots of authors on those drivebys & that’s always way more fun than an event. Jasper Fforde was my favourite, but then, I’m such a huge geek for his books. He was so nice & made fun of me because I had a book that I bought on import. He told me that I should hide it before the American publishers came in. His wife was so lovely too, she gave me a bunch of postcards from his books. And Chuck Palahniuk is always a good time, he’s been in several times & dated a friend of a friend. He babbles worse than I do. Who else? I was such a dork in front of Michael Chabon because he is cute. Sorry to be so teenage girl about him, but he was. I could barely say two words to him but he drew cute little pictures in my copy of Summerland. One person I was sad not to meet was Sarah Vowell. She actually had an event but there was 300 people there so I just got my book signed. Man, I love her. Assassination Vacation (especially the audiobook – come on, it has Jon Stewart on it! Playing President Garfield! And singing!) is one of my favourite books – I’m totally facinated by the same things she is – history, murder, etc – and I would love to travel around to these historical spots.

I’m getting sleepy.