So I hate that I leave my job feeling mildly shitty. It’s been a great week in terms of job (#1 cafe in the company for the year!) but I hate dealing with employee issues. I just feel like crap when I have to enforce things – if I don’t, I get in trouble, when I do (especially when it’s stupid) I feel like I’m the most hated person. Argh. Especially when higher ups let things slide & I get in trouble when I do. Not to mention having to be bathroom monitor because of the high drug use that goes on in the bathroom. I have to kick people out, bang on bathroom doors to find out if people are doing drugs & refusing to give change. All of it makes me feel like a terrible person. I guess I have to be careful what I say since people at work know about this blog.

So I’m feeling pretty shitty.

Never mind I’m still waiting on my stupid tax return. I was hoping it would be in the account today. So I think it’s popcorn for dinner again.

Okay happier things.

Oscar noms came out today & I am excited. I actually want to see all the best picture films very very much (or I have seen them, such as Crash) I’ve seen seen several of the others too, or will by the end of this week (Hustle & Flow, Corpse Bride, Pride & Prejudice, The Constant Gardener) I think I’ll even see a film in the theatre if I ever get my tax money – either Brokeback Mountain or Good Night & Good Luck or Capote – those are on the top of my list right now. I might take my mom to see one of them next week too, either Brokeback or GN&GL.

Okay, this is a knitting blog after all. Picovoli is coming very slowly. Luckily the KAL is through February. I really hope I don’t run out of yarn since I had ordered it. I took out my screw up on the neckline (read the entire instructions dummy), luckily before the power went out Sunday night (my first thought “Shit, did I pay my bill?”). Anyway, I’m still doing decreases for the waist & I have a little less than 2 balls left. Eeek. I might skip the Picot edging on the bottem & just leave it on the neckline, we’ll have to see.

And yes, the two scarves & Leaf have been set aside for now. Sigh. I’ve been reading a lot (nothing worth mentioning) & not watching movies as much (Although I have In Her Shoes waiting for me at home – I’m sure it’s shit but I love the book). I have quite few classic movies at home too – The Women, Philldelphia Story, & Adams Rib so maybe I’ll get something done this weekend.

The weather sure isn’t going to get me going outside.